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A build storage plugin for ArcDPS
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A build storage plugin for ArcDPS

This isn't the primary repo I'm working on, I will only be commiting here when releasing new versions.


At least VS2017 is required to compile.

All the necessary libraries should be included, but if you need to recompile them - I cannot help you, good luck figuring that out on your own. Try vcpkg, I dunno.

Build in Debug configuration to run and debug it as a stand-alone application.

Build in DLL configuration to create a .dll file.

Folder Structure

  • arcdps_buildpad/ - project folder
    • buildpad/ - contains actual BuildPad code
      • resources/ - contains resources converted from binary files to byte arrays
        • sources/ - contains the originals of all the resource files and a batch file to mass convert them
    • Main.cpp - contains DLL code and ArcDPS bindings
    • main_imgui.cpp - contains code for stand-alone debugging
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