Implementation of Scheduled Policy Optimization for task-oriented language grouding
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Scheduled Policy Optimization for Natural Language Communication with Intelligent Agents

Models and Algorithms

See files under walk_the_blocks/BlockWorldRoboticAgent/srcs/

  • run this file for training, you can change the schedule mechanism in the function ppo_update(), these are the options:

    • do imitation every 50
    • do imitation based on rules
    • imitation 1 epoch and then RL 1 epoch

    example: python -lr 0.0001 -max_epochs 2 -entropy_coef 0.05

  • the network achitecture and loss functions:

    • PPO Loss
    • Supervised Loss
    • Advantage Actor-Critic Loss


For the usage of the Block-world environment, please refer to

Train the RL agents

  • S-REIN *

If you use our code in your own research, please cite the following paper

  title={Scheduled Policy Optimization for Natural Language Communication with Intelligent Agents},
  author={Xiong, Wenhan and Guo, Xiaoxiao and Yu, Mo and Chang, Shiyu and Zhou, Bowen and Wang, William Yang},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1806.06187},