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Change History
2012-09-02 FLI
- Added event support to the WebEngine. Listeners can be configured in the web.xml file to listen to certain basic events such as handleAction or rendering
2012-08-11 FLI
- In case a control is not found anymore during the delegation of a user event, no user warning
is displayed anymore. Only a log entry is made with a WARN level. Due to the event queuing, it
is quite likely that subsequent events might no longer be executed as a control is destroyed due
to previous events.
2012-01-01 FLI
- Added notify message dialog (jwic_ui.js)
- Added scriptQueue to the SessionContext. This allows to execute script within the next page update, which is
a convenient way for notifications
- Added SessionContext.notifyMessage(..) methods
2011-08-12 FLI
- Fixed a visual issue with the Button control where the hover was indicated on disabled buttons
- Fixed an issue with the button where the click event was not detected if the user clicked on the edge of the button.
2011-06-02 FLI
- Upgraded to use prototype 1.7.
- Enhanced JavaScript demo
2011-05-10 FLI
- Added JWicTools.escapeJavaScript(..)
2010-10-29 FLI (on behalf of K.Stein)
- Fixed positioning issue in the Combo control
2010-09-22 FLI
- ImageRef.text property is now rendered as TITLE attribute instead of ALT.
2010-07-15 FLI
- Added RadioButton control
2010-05-03 FLI
- Fixed issues with multiline InputBox control together with some JS effects
- Fixed a JS exception happening if a Button that is not rendered but flagged visible
- JavaScript pieces is no longer send if the control is not visible
2010-04-22 FLI
IMPORTANT NOTE: 4.0 is not yet released, so I took the freedom move some new interfaces into new packages. This
might lead to some refactoring needs if you already use this version in your project!
- Some clean-up around the combo control:
- moved generic IContentProvider, IBaseLabelPriovider etc. into its own package:
- The structure of the object being send to the client changed. It now contains the title as a default
property in the wrapper and the properties in the object field. This object field is now only send
if the comboBehaivior 'transferFullObject' property is set to true. This reduces unnecessary information
send over the wire.
- Implemented Multi-Selection support for the Combo/Drop-Down control
- Started with Tree control <very basic, not yet read>
2010-04-06 jbornema
- Fixed jwic_compatibility.js function MouseEventClass that might get fired before the jwic form is available.
2010-03-26 jbornema
- Fixed jwic 3 leftover in ImageControl.vtl
2010-03-04 FLI
- Fixed an issue with the Button control beeing invisible in IE6
2010-02-23 FLI
- Fixed an issue with hidden SELECT elements inside of modal Window controls in IE
2010-02-11 FLI
- Button now properly supports fixed width
2010-02-10 FLI
- Made JavaScriptSupport annotation to be Inherited
- Combo: default minimum search key length is now 0. This makes the DropDownControl draw the full list if user
deletes the content
- Combo: selection event now disables the filter to show full list after re-entering a dropdown
2010-02-08 FLI
- Added image rendering support to Combo control
- Added textValueChangedListener to Combo control
- Enhanced Combo demo
2010-02-07 FLI
- Added command queuing into jWic core. This helps to implement double-click events.
- Added proper double-click support to ListBoxControl. The property selection_mode is no longer required
and has been removed
2010-01-26 FLI
- Made ComboBoxGroup and RadioGroup use labels to have selectable titles
- Moved ButtonControl into compatibility folder/jar
- Added new Button control that has a new layout
- Combo renderer now supports custom labelProvider for easy layouting
2010-01-25 FLI
- Finished the LifeSearch combo variations incl. demo
2010-01-10 FLI
- Added 'Combo' control/framework for controls with an input field and a content assistance window
like a drop-down. The control is yet under development and some classes might get moved into different
- changed default css class names to j-xxxx
- added LabelControl.setStyle(..)
2010-01-07 FLI
- Renamed Window control into InlineWindow (jWic 4.x is not released yet, so it should be ok.)
- Added PWC window control Window
- Fixed some issues with .destroy not properly set on non-ajax page updates
- Window now properly "hides" the SELECT elements in IE6
2010-01-04 FLI
- Added .destroy support for JavaScriptSupport controls
- Added 'emptyInfoText' property, which is text that is displayed while the field is empty
- Refactored InputBoxControl JS focus/blur behaivior
- Added 'flagAsError' property, which highlights the field with a red border and red underline
- The InputBoxControl css class no longer uses default_ as prefix
- Minor css adjustments
2009-12-29 FLI
- Added simple, single CheckBox control
2009-10-30 FLI
- JWicUtil now uses the TimeZone property from the SessionContext to properly format datetime.
2009-08-31 FLI
- DateInputBox: Fixed calendar js issues with the new version and Firefox issues.
- DateInputBox - added setDatePattern() for customizable patterns.
2009-08-17 FLI
- Fixed an issue with the FileUploadControl
2009-08-09 FLI
- Control.requireRedraw() made public
- Added Dimension object for better width/height handling
- Page control now uses Dimension object for width/height
- Added static Page.findPage(..)
- Added event handling to the Page, starting with a pageSizeChanged event.
- Autorefresh if pageSize has changed
- New Window style: CENTER
2009-07-31 FLI
- Fixed a refresh problem when the session timed out.
2008-09-16 FLI
- Added JavaScriptSupport for controls, allowing to implement control updates using
JavaScript fragments.
- Added generic PropertyEditorView to the demos, to easily play around with properties
- Added new Window control
2008-09-15 FLI
- Started new jwic_core.js library, which will replace the old jwic.js library. It is
now based upon the prototype.js library, currently used in version
- Removed the empty span tag around any element. Updates are now done using prototype
functions, which work without this workaround.
- Implemented JSON based response.
2008-09-02 FLI
- Started to refactor the design of the controls.
**** v3.2.1 RELEASE on 2008-08-13 (FLI) ****
2008-07-21 JBO
- Added MouseEvent in SessionContext. jwic.js and is updated as well.
- ImagesRef property text added.
2008-06-12 FLI
- Added TimeZone support to the SessionContext.
**** v3.2.0 RELEASE on 2008-05-15 (FLI) ****
2008-05-08 FLI
- Added updateOnBlur functionality to the InputBoxControl (single-line)
2008-04-29 FLI
- Fixed a problem with the DPP when using layers. The change requires an update
of the files and when updating.
2008-04-24 FLI
- Changed default .xwic file suffix to .xwic.xml - This way the files are automatically
opened in an XML editor (if one is available) in a users development environment.
2008-04-08 FLI
- Moved the DTDs to sourceforge to avoid problems during downtimes of
2008-04-03 FLI
- The jwic.js client library is more robust now on executing submit and update listeners.
This solves a problem where 3rd party libraries added functions to the Array prototype.
2008-04-02 FLI
- Fixed a problem in the ListBoxControl in combination with the confirm message and
the presence of another form object on the html page.
2008-03-28 JBO
- Fixes "" entry usage in ListBoxControl.vtl
- UserAgentInfo new fields clientWidth, clientHeight, clientTop and clientLeft.
Set in WebEngine and should replace Page field usage.
- ControlContainer controls HashMap changed to LinkedHashMap to reflect creation order.
2008-02-18 JBO
- ListEntry cssClass property added.
- ListControl.addElement methods return now the new ListEntry object
(updated CheckboxControl as well).
- ListBoxControl.vtl supports now the new cssClass property.
2008-01-09 FLI
- Changed the standard charset to UTF-8 for ajax submits and response to fix
problems with special characters.
NOTE: If you update from a previous version, it is important that the file under WEB-INF/jwic/pages is updated as well as the jwic.js
2007-10-01 FLI
- Fixed a problem when using layers together with file-upload.
**** v3.1.0 RELEASE on 2007-05-14 (FLI) ****
2007-05-10 FLI
- Removed the following deprecated objects and methods:
* JWicEvent, ObjectSelectedEvent, ObjectSelectedListener
* LabelControl.getCSSClass(), LabelControl.setCSSClass(..)
2007-05-07 FLI
- Fixed GroupControl layout
- Fixed a problem where the SessionReused event was fired on each request. Now the
event is only thrown on a request with GET method.
2007-05-02 JBO
- Control.getTemplateName() detects inline classes and uses super class.
- TabStripControl.vtl fixed html (occures in firefox: too high tabs)
- TableLayoutContainer.unregisterControl(Control) implemented
2007-04-26 FLI
- ScrollableContainer: Fixed layout if only plain text was inside the container
- TreeControl: fixed redraw problem when the root node was exchanged
2007-04-20 JBO
- Calendar Javascript fix.
2007-04-19 FLI
- Fixed a problem where the IOuterLayout velocity renderer did not clear the requireRedraw
flag if the control was invisible.
2007-04-18 JBO
- Fixed missing charset property in jwic.js ajax submit and jwicfrom enytype,
using iso-8859-1. This problem fixes jetty usage since without UFT-8 is used
WebEngine.servletContainerFixes added as well for missing encoding (happens with jetty + ajp13)
2007-04-13 JBO
- ImageRef.toImgTag(int width, int height) added
2007-04-12 JBO
- Added WEB-INF/jwic/ file to configure velocity
used by WebEngine
2007-04-03 JBO
- ListControl.getElementsKeys() added, elements now stored in LinkedHashMap
2007-03-30 ARON
- added Group Control.
2007-03-29 FLI
- Added ImageRef(path, width, height) constructor.
2007-03-28 FLI
- Added ImageRef class to the jWic core. It is now used by ButtonControl. The
old properties have become deprecated.
- The calendar in the Date control is now moved up if it would exceed the current
page size.
- Improved the demo apps a little in layout and functionality.
2007-03-16 FLI
- updated jwic.js fixScrolling() to support custom panel names.
2007-03-15 FLI
- Added SelfRenderer that enables controls to render themself. Used for
controls where templates are not suiteable.
2007-03-09 FLI
- Fixed a problem when using the ecolib dhtmlHistory.js with jWic. The problem
was that the dhtmlHistory library specifies an default entry for all Arrays that
causes an javascript error during an page update. Entries in the listeners array
are now checked if they are a function before executing.
**** v3.0.5 RELEASE on 2007-03-09 (FLI) ****
2007-03-09 FLI
- The DispatcherServlet does now destroy the JWicRuntime which
destroys the SessionManager. This fixes a problem reported by
hjkermit where the TimerTask produced NPEs after restarting
the WebApp.
- Fixed a problem where the jwic-setup.xml was not found on
some webservers.
2007-02-19 JBO
- Control.requireRedraw calls Control.setRequireRedraw(true)
- CheckboxControl.setSelectedKey sets lastSelection (bug-fix)
- ButtonControl.vtl fixed strange Firefox button behaviour when type is missing
2006-10-06 FLI
- JWicTools.formatInp and .formatHtml return an empty string now, if the argument is null.
**** v3.0.4 RELEASE on 2006-09-28 (FLI) ****
2006-09-26 FLI
- Controls may now be moved from one container to another, using the IControlContainer.adopt(..)
2006-09-23 FLI
- ImageControl.setHeight and .setWidth now trigger the redraw flag
2006-09-21 FLI
- The ListBoxControl does now support double-click selection.
2006-09-14 FLI
- Added ControlTestCase superclass to make control-tests easier
- Added ControlTest to test basic control features
- Added ActionBarControl test
- Fixed a problem with the ActionBarControl when a control is removed from the bar
- Auto-Action invocation now uses a prefix 'action' for methods to look for. This solves
the secuirty issue described in an earlier change note.
- Added TestCases for ListControl, CheckboxControl, ListBoxControl, AnchorControl, ButtonControl
2006-09-06 JBO
- Fixed missing "break;" in JWicTools.formatHtml(String).
2006-09-04 JBO
- Fixed anoying IE message "do you want to display nonsecure items" in SSL environments caused by click blocker IFRAME.
src shouldn't be "about:blank" and changed to "blank.html". That blank file had been added also.
2006-08-24 FLI
- Control now implements the actionPerformed method. If it is invoked, it searches
for a method that equals the actionId. If it finds an appropriated method, it is
invoked with the parameter specified. This way we do not need those big if(actionId.equals("abc"))
parts anymore.
But this feature also has a downside: It can call ANY method that has none or one String arguments based
upon parameters that where posted by the client. If a user modifies those parameters posted to the
server, he can invoke methods that the programmer did not supposed to be invoked.
2006-08-17 FLI
- Fixed a bad IMG reference in the TabStripControl template.
2006-08-17 JBO
- ListEntry.equals, ListEntry.hashCode added.
- ListBoxControl.vtl supports now multi-select in drop-down mode (size = 1).
Added two CSS classes option.selected and option.unselected in jwic.css.
v3.0.3 RELEASE on 17.08.2006 (FLI)
2006-08-17 FLI
- Added fillWidth property to the HTMLElement and moved the generation of the class and
style property values into the JWicTools utility class used by renderers.
2006-08-14 JBO
- IHTMLElement.forceFocus added for setting browser focus to html element.
ListControl.getElements returns Collection instead of List.
LabelControl extends also HTMLElement.
2006-08-14 FLI
- ListBoxControl, RadioGroupControl and CheckboxControl do now inherit from
HTMLElement (by ListControl) and support all of the specified properties.
- Fixed some Date-Picker layout issues with transitional doctype
- DateInputControl now supports all HTMLElement properties
- Added DateInputControl sample to the ControlDemo
2006-08-09 FLI
- Added HTMLElement superclass to combine the HTML specific attributes of the basic
controls (i.e. InputBoxControl) into one. This makes it easier to build generic
editor controls.
2006-07-28 FLI
- Refactored the file to 'include' jwic-specific content. This makes updates to
new versions easier.
- Specified transitional mode with the DOCTYPE in the page header to fix the IE
boxmodel problems. If you encounter layout problems with your existing applications,
simply remove the DOCTYPE line in the page header.
- Fixed the PleaseWait dialog to work properly with Mozilla. The dialog is now always on
top of all other elements, including combo-boxes in IE.
- SELECT elements are now disabled when the pleaseWait dialog appears to prevent the
user from triggering an action while the server is still processing a request.
2006-07-26 FLI
- Added SerObserver and SerObservable classes as a serializable version of the java.util
observer/observable classes.
- Updated the TemperatureDemo to use the serializable observable versions to not "forget"
the listeners after serialization/deserialization.
2006-07-24 FLI
- All xml files (*.xwic, jwic-setup.xml) are now parsed using dom4j. This allowes
jWic to run properly with other Java versions then 1.4.x where no internal XML
parser is coming with the JRE. Addionaly, the DTD files are now read from the
classpath if the DOCTYPE header is correct. This prevents problems when the
DTDs are unavailable (i.e. if the server has no connection to the internet).
2006-06-14 FLI
- Added support for the 'readonly' property in the DateInputBoxControl
2006-06-09 FLI
- Removed usage of HttpServletRequest.getParameterMap() and replaced it with a
solution that is compatible to older Servlet-API versions.
v3.0.2 RELEASE on 02.06.2006 (FLI)
2006-06-02 FLI
- Fixed a bug in the FileBrowserDemo where directory-change events where no
longer processed after the session had been serialized/deserialized. I had
to replace the usage of the java.util.Observable class with a PropertyChangeSupport
based implementation because the Observable class is not serializable and "lost"
the observers because of this.
2006-06-01 FLI
- added removeSessionListener() method to SessionContext
2006-05-26 FLI
- JWicTools.formatDate, formatDateTime and formatTime return "" now if the argument was [null].
2006-05-23 FLI
- Removed usage of String.replaceAll() since this features does not exist in
JDKs lower then 1.4
2006-05-22 FLI
- Added isRenderingRelevant(Control) method to IControlContainer interface. The
WebEngine is now using this method to determine if a childControl in a container
is relevant for rendering. This is important for AJAX based updates, where the
engine does not know if a container is rendering a child or not.
This fixes an issue where the content of all Tab's in a TabStripControl was
rendered when the user did the first action.
- Removed hard-wired style informations from ActionBarControl.vtl and WindowControl.vtl.
They can now be modified using the .css files.
- Fixed some layout issues with images
2006-04-27 FLI
- jwic.js: Controls can now add submitListeners that get invoked before data
is sent to the server.
2006-03-28 FLI
- ControlContainer: Checks if the control name contains '.' or ' ' (whitespace) characters
and throws an exception if so.
2006-03-23 FLI
- Fixed DateInputControl template
- DateInputControl: Added isValid() method
- InputBoxControl: New property 'readonly'
v3.0.1 RELEASE on 20.03.2006 (FLI)
2006-03-20 JBO
- Fixed a JavaScript error when using the ImageControl on a server with JDK lower then 1.5
2006-03-17 FLI
- If an application-start failes, the session is removed from the SessionManager. This
prevents that an application fails once and is then running in an unavailable state.
2006-03-14 FLI
- Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception in the TableLayoutContainer when a colSpan
exceeded the total number of columns.
2006-03-09 FLI
- KeyListener is now serializable. (prevented serialization if used)
- JWicTools.linkResource() is now static, so it can be used easily in controls
to specify images from the classpath.
- Enhanced the layout of the FileBrowserDemo
2006-03-02 FLI
- jwic.jar file now contains debug informations
- TableLayoutContainer: Fixed NullPointerException when setColumnCount(..) was not called.
2006-02-14 FLI
- jwic.js file set's encoding type of the form to multipart if a file is detected
- FileUploadControl: added 'width' property
- FileUploadedEvent: added getFileSize() method
- FileUploadControl: The user can now 'discard' an uploaded file.
- SessionContext: Added a property 'userAgent' (type UserAgentInfo). This
property contains information about the browser beeing used. This is helpfull to
render browser specific pages, i.e. include extra css files for some browsers.
2006-02-02 FLI (as proposed by FH)
- Key values are now escaped in the templates for CheckBox-, RadioGroup-, and ListBoxControl.
- Added StringEscapeUtils class as 'escape' to the velocity context.
2006-01-26 FLI
- Simplyfied the ScrollableContainer.vtl script code, due to enhancements within the jwic.js
main library.
- Applied a workaround for a scrolling issue in the FileBrowser demo with Firefox
- Applied a patch from Felipe Hoffa to fix some CSS problems (thx!)
2006-01-26 JBO
- jwic.js Fixed WindowSize()' scroll position for Netscape (caused crashing
Netscape 7.2 when wait message had been displayed).
2006-01-19 FLI
- ElementSelectedEvent takes 'Object' as eventSource now, instead of Control
- TabControl: title change flags the TabStripControl 'requireRedraw'
2006-01-18 FLI
- Added removeElementSelectionListener to ListControl
v3.0.0 FINAL RELEASE (upon branch)
2006-01-13 FLI
- CheckboxControl.setSelectedKey() bug fixed
- Typos in the logs
2005-01-05 FLI
- Added getSessionContext() to the IControlContainer interface.
2005-12-29 Released jWic 3.0.0 RC2
2005-12-23 JBO
- Page.setClientSettings(Page), SessionContext.push-, popTopControl() updated to
set browser width and height to the Page being pushed or popped (request id 1388862).
- JavaScript: added browser size support for IE 6+ in "standard compliant mode".
2005-12-22 JBO
- JavaScript: Double session initiation fixed for time-outed session.
2005-12-21 FLI
- JavaScript within the templates is now executed during an AJAX based update on the IE
(Firefox already did that). But it is not possible to use document.write during such
an update.
- Added the ObjectSelectionListener again and marked it deprecated. I think it would be
to hard to simply remove it from one RC to the other. It will be removed in Version 3.1.
2005-12-20 FLI
- Fixed TabStripControl.removeControl: Did not remove the control from the tabs-list.
2005-12-20 JBO
- JWicRuntime: minor fix in method setupSessionContext.
- SessionEvent: added SessionContext that is set in SessionContext.fireEvent.
2005-12-19 JBO
- JWicRuntime: getSessionContext with HttpServletRequest parameter added to throw a
SESSION_REUSED SessionEvent on access.
- WebEngine: debug messages added in scanForUpdates method to analyse performance.
- SessionContext.pushTopControl sets now the control always to visible=true.
2005-12-07 FLI
- Added forceFocusElement property to the Page object
- Addec forceFocus() method to InputBoxControl
- Added KeyListener to InputBoxControl, that listens to the key specified in the listenKeyCode property.
2005-12-06 JBO
- Replaced in SessionManager.destroyClient usage of Iterator to solve
2005-12-06 FLI
- Fixed TableLayoutContainer bug
- ScrollableContainer now fixes the scrollBarPosition using an ajaxUpdateEventListener.
2005-12-05 FLI
- Added ClientNotifierControl
- Added sendResourceRequest method to the jWic() javascript object. Usefull for ajax based updates.
2005-11-30 JBO
- Overwrote method isKeySelected(String) of CheckboxControl to fix it.
2005-11-21 FLI
- Renamed ObjectSelectedListener to SelectionListener
- Renamed ObjectSelectedEvent to SelectionEvent
- Refactored all classes that used those listeners.
NOTE: This modification was required since an add<listener> must always has the same name
as the listener class. Otherwise its not JavaBean compliant, which we want to be.
- Removed the migration guide. This page will be available at the jwic homepage like the
other articles.
2005-11-18 FLI
- made Control.log protected (from private) and removed the method log()
- The log instance is now re-created after serialization
- ControlContainer now fires a JWicException if a named control is added where
a control with that name does already exist.
Released jWic 3.0.0 RC1
2005-11-16 FLI
- Changed visibility of Control.setName(..) from public to default.
- Renamed old ProgressBarControl to ProgressDialogControl and moved it to the ecolib.
- Created new control 'ProgressBarControl' that displays a progressbar.
- Added ProgressBarDemo to the control demo.
- InputBoxControl does not set the requiredRedraw flag when the value has changed. The
requireRedraw flag is now set when the text is changed programaticaly (setText(..) method)
2005-11-09 FLI
- Removed de.jwic.session package
- Added new SessionManager in de.jwic.base that handles the SessionContainer objects
- Implemented deamon that serializes sessions older > X
- Refactored DispatcherServlet. The most web specific work is now done by the WebEngine.
This object will also handle the requests if used together with the springframework.
- JWicSpringController refactored. It does now render the page themself instead of
returning a ModelAndView object. This stops using the springframework internal
ViewResolvers as they turned out to be often configured for the static parts of
the website and thus conflicted with the jWic requirements.
2005-11-09 JBO
- added IResourceContrl interface that replaces IImageControl, updated ImageControl
2005-11-08 FLI
- TableLayoutContainer: Added support for rowSpan.
- Classes use commons-logging API now instead of Log4j directly. Only the
initialisation of Log4j is done using the Log4j API.
2005-11-06 JBO
Ajax enhancements:
- BasicControlRenderer, ChildRenderer, OuterContainerRenderer create now
a div tag for controls that are invisible, so they can be updated thru
Ajax if they become visible
- Control.setVisible(true) sets now itself to require redraw
- small fix in JWicTools
- small fixes in DispatcherServlet
2005-11-04 FLI
- TableLayoutContainer: Entirely refactored. Completed except rowSpan.
2005-11-03 FLI
- DispatcherServlet: Redirect/Exit is now handled in its own method. This was a problem caused
by the 'redraw' feature, that ignored incoming requests.
- Removed ColumnLayoutContainer as it is the same as a GridLayoutContainer with 9999 columns.
- Removed IndexedControlContainer and merged its functionality into the GridLayoutContainer.
- Renamed GridLayoutContainer to TableLayoutContainer as it is basically a HTML table element,
which is more common to web developers.
2005-11-02 FLI
- RadioGroupControl:
- Fixed template to match v3.0 behaivior
- Added 'columns' property to RadioGroupControl
- Removed 'align' property from RadioGroupControl. Use columns=1 for VERTICAL alignment.
- CheckboxControl: Removed 'align' property. Use columns=1 for VERTICAL alignment.
- Moved ErrorWarningControl to ecolib
- InputBoxControl:
- Fixed missing requireRedraw flags
- Added 'width' property support in multiline mode
- Added 'cols' support in single-line mode
- DispatcherServlet/jwic.js: If the server requests an 'redraw', the content of the post
is ignored. This prevents the application from recieving field data that has been generated
by an old session.
2005-10-31 FLI
- Changed argument order of TabStripControl.addTab(name, title) to addTab(title, name) and
added a addTab(title) method.
- ListControl
- Fixed some refresh problems
- Added removeElement()
- Moved property 'size' to ListBoxControl
- ListBoxControl:
- Fixed some refresh problems
- Fixed ChangeConfirmMessage problem with ajax updates.
- Fixed a problem with multi-values not commited in AJAX mode.
- CheckboxControl
- Fixed an infinity loop in clear() method.
- The title for the checkbox is now always rendered. If you want only the checkbox, you must
add an empty title --> addElement("", "key")
- Fixed a problem where the elementSelected() event was fired more then once.
- Set default with of the InputBoxControl to 0
- DateInputBoxControl does now use a default date pattern if the language is other then DE or EN.
2005-10-28 FLI
- Removed Localizer
- Moved WizardControl, InputDialog and MessageDialog to a new project: ecolib
- Added new sample: ControlDemo
- Fixed refresh problem at ButtonControl.setTitle()
2005-09-20 JBO
- Click blocker blocks now the entire page and is always there positioned
where the message should appear.
2005-09-18 JBO
- Enhanced in jwic.js ajax listener model. It now uses a generic Array for
all supported events (right now only "update": ajax update Events are
implemented). Now all registered listener of a control tree are called.
2005-09-17 JBO
- Added to jwic.js ajax listener support for updating controls html.
With jWic().ajaxAddUpdateListener("$control.controlId", function(event) {
alert("control updated"); event.updateHTML();}) custom JavaScipt code
can be added.
Release: 3.0.0 beta 1
2005-09-11 FLI
- Moved the skeleton renderer to the jWic Grid project.
- Removed the constructor Control(IControlContainer) to simplify the instantiation for
new controls. Control(container, null) does now the same as Control(container). It is
now up to the control implementor if he provides a simple Control(container) constructor
or not. So this constructor is now optional.
- Removed the testapp from the samples.
- Added IApplication interface
- Added abstract class Application to simplify the IApplication usage
- Fixed IApplicationSetup implementations to support IApplication now
- Modified JWicRuntime to use the application class now.
2005-09-04 FLI
- Moved the grid control to its own project -> jWic Grid.
- Added startSession and stopSession event ot the SessionContext.
- Changing the way controls are beeing added. Since this change makes this
version incompatible with older version, the major version number needs to be
increased, which results in version 3.0.0.
- Added constructor Control(IControlContainer) and Control(IControlContainer, String) to Control;
- Removed default constructor Control()
- Removed Interface IControl. (The downside is that you cant create proxys anymore, but it is
easier to hide framework specific methods from the user).
- IApplicationSetup createRootControl now requries a container as argument; Applied the change
to the ApplicationSetupBean and XmlApplicationSetup implementations.
- Moved the IImageControl interface to the base package, where the other special control interfaces
like IFileReciever are.
- Fixed the following controls to fit the new constructor schema:
- ActionBarControl (Index-feature missing)
- AnchorLinkControl
- ButtonControl
- CheckboxControl
- DateInputBoxControl
- ErrorWarningControl
- FileUploadControl
- ImageControl
- InputDialogControl
- LabelControl
- ListBoxControl
- ListControl
- MessageDialogControl
- ProgressBarControl
- RadioGroupControl
- ScrollableContainer
- ScrollBarControl
- SelectableControl
- SubFrameControl
- TabControl
- TabStripControl
- TreeControl
- WindowControl
- WizardControl: Pages are now added like a normal control to a container
- Fixed skeleton and velocity renderers
- Fixed TestLauncher
- Fixed DispatcherServlet
- Fixed FileBrowserDemo and Samples 1, 2 and 3
2005-08-28 FLI
- Started with version 2.2 of jWic
- Set JWicEvent to deprecated, replaced by de.jwic.base.Event
- Changed field processing to fix the bug #1272065
- The grid control has been extracted as an extra library
(2.1.5 yet unreleased)
2005-08-18 JBO
- Added WindowControl.setOuterTemplateName to better support extending classes.
- Fixed javascript error in jwic.js:blockClicks, AJAX mode not yet supported
2005-08-09 JBO
- Added velocity object $insert.control to OuterContainerRenderer.
(2.1.4 released)
2005-08-07 FLI
- Fixed a problem with ScrollBars (ScrollableContainer) and Mozilla Firefox
- The ajax update no longer stops when an updated control causes an javascript error.
2005-07-28 JBO
- Added IImageControl and abstract ImageControl for having a IControl rendering both html for the
img tag and then writing the raw image data for that intro the servlet outstream.
New ServletDispatcher parameter _imgreq=1 added for providing the image data rendering.
(2.1.3 released)
2005-07-09 FLI
- jwic.js: If the browser does not support ajax mode, the traditional mode is used.
- jwic.js: If the servers response takes longer then 500 ms, a please wait message is displayed
- jwic.js: After an ajax update, the duration and number of objects is displayed in the
window.status bar.
- TreeControl: Leaf's are now displayed with a foldericon instead of a file icon.
- FileBrowserDemo: Added a button "Thread.sleep(3000)" that demonstrates the please wait feature
- FileBrowserDemo: Empty directories are now discoverd upon first access so you dont need to "expand"
them to see that they are empty.
(2.1.2 released)
2005-06-05 RPF
- Layout is now possible through a simple GridLayoutContainer
- Added GridLayoutContainer and GridData classes
to the de.jwic.controls.layout package
- Additionally GridLayoutContainer.vtl template added to that package
2005-06-03 FLI
- Fixed Skeleton Renderer supporting ajax now
- GridControl requires redraw upon scrolling
- Spring controller supports ajax now.
(2.1.1 released)
2005-05-27 FLI
- Fixed a problem using redirect or exit on SessionContext in AJAX mode.
- Added target "buildarchive"
- HTML Documents are no longer part of the distribution. They will now be maintained
on the project website only.
(2.1.0 M1 released)
- FLI:
Added property InfoMessage to the AnchorControl.
jWic now supports "smart" updates of controls within the client using the
ajax mechanism. This mechanism is used by default but it can be deactivated
in the application setup.
- FLI:
Added support for the Springframework. The de.jwic.spring package now contains
a controller implementation that replaces the DispatcherServlet. The most
important feature is the IocApplicationSetup wich allows the configuration of
the root control within the component container.
2005-05-21 (2.0.3)
- FLI:
Fixed a problem with the Calendar in the firefox browser. The problem was
fixed within the jwic.js client library and the page file that includes this
library. If you replace the jwic.js file within your project, you must
replace/fix your page file as well.
- FLI:
VelocityRenderer engine does now remember if a template does not exist and does
then no longer look for a template. This forces a reload if the template has
been created after the first access.
- FLI:
Added a JUnit-Test to load as many sample3-applications as possible.
Here is a list of changes from version 1.1 to version 2.0.2.
Spring-Integration removed
jWic is now able to run "stand-alone" without the Springframework. An
optional integration will be implemented soon.
ControlFactory removed
Controls are no longer created with the ControlFactory, wich used the
Spring ComponentContainer feature to manage and pre-configure the
It has turned out that this feature produced overhead (more to
configure) without much benefit.
Controls are now instantiated using the standard java way:
ButtonControl button = new ButtonControl();
Because of this, the ControlContainer.addControl(..) method has
changed as well. .addControl(control) adds the control and
sets an unique name to the control, while .addControl("name", control)
adds the control and sets the specified name.
The name of a control should not be set using .setName(String)
since this usualy leads to an IllegalStateException when someone tries
to change the name later on.
IApplicationSetup replaces "Properties"
The .wic properties files used to configure and launch a jwic application
have been replaced by XML style .xwic files. These files are loaded by the
DispatcherServlet using the XmlApplicationSetup. Other implementations
will follow along with the integration into other frameworks like
Renderer-Management moved to JWicRuntime
The renderer implementations are now setup and managed by the JWicRuntime.
The runtime is initialized by the DispatcherServlet passing a handle to the
jwic-setup.xml configuration file. While this file is planed to configure
the JWicRuntime in general, it does yet configure the renderers only.
Take a look into the jwic-setup.xml file for more details.
It might sound a bit strange that the JWicRuntime initializes the
renderer, taking special care of the VelocityEngine. This is because
Velocity is the primary rendering engine and I didn't want to add more
complexity. But this should remain a point of discussion. Maybe we better
extract it and manage the renderers independent from the runtime.
The new ClasspathResourceServlet allows access to resources like
images from the classpath. This feature enables control programmers to
put everything they need into one package/jar file, wich makes
deployment very easy.
In the .vtl template say:
<img src="$jwic.linkResource($control, "jwic_logo.gif")">
wich generates this HTML code:
<IMG src="/plain/cp/de/jwic/samples/sample2/jwic_logo.gif">
The servlet must be mapped to the path /cp/* so that it can get the
resource from the classpath.
Directory Organisation
The file wich provided the "border" around all jwic
applications is now loaded from the directory the application
has been started from. This gives application programmers more
flexibility when customizing the pages (layouts).
The common resources like the javascript libraries, images and
the basic css settings are now linked with an absolut path to
/jwic/... The application directory does now contain only files
relevant to the "application". Any application installed on a
webapp will then share these resources.