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basic script for bringing up a PoC xwiki/cassandra system.
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Added a readme, updated the location of xwiki-newstore to point to xw…

…iki-contrib and added a prebuilt binary for simplified testing.
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Caleb James DeLisle authored

XWiki/Cassandra distributed wiki demo

This demo shows XWiki running as a cluster over a Cassandra cluster to form a fully distributed and fault tollerant storage and wiki system.

It is optimized to run on a debian system but with a few changes to the script it could run on redhat or any other type system.

To build simply run once as root and then once again as non-root, you will be walked through the process. This compiles all of it's necessary elements so be prepared to wait.

When you are finished you will have a directory like xwiki-enterprise-jetty-datanucleus-4.1-SNAPSHOT which is a standalone XWiki instance based on Cassandra rather than HSQL db. Set the BIND_TO env variable to the ip address to bind, ANNOUNCE_ADDR to the which address you should claim (not the same as BIND_TO if you are behind a nat) and CONNECT_TO to a node to connect to, if all goes well, your node will discover the est of the nodes in the cluster automatically.

For simple testing, a precompiled version is included in this repository in the directory xwiki-enterprise-jetty-datanucleus-4.1-SNAPSHOT-precompiled/

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