Packaging of XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager for ArchLinux
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XWiki native packages for Archlinux.

This project provides native packages for Archlinux :

  • xwiki-enterprise : install xwiki-enterprise on tomcat and hsqldb
  • xwiki-enterprise-mysql : install mysql drivers for xwiki

How to install

This packages are available from AUR and can be installed using yaourt. They are based on official tomcat7 package which comes as a dependency.

Xwiki Enterprise

Open a terminal and enter :

yaourt -S xwiki-enterprise

Xwiki Enterprise with mysql/mariadb

Open a terminal and enter :

yaourt -S xwiki-enterprise-mysql

Edit /etc/xwiki-enterprise/hibernate.cfg.xml according to your configuration

  • Comment out hsql part
  • Uncoment and modify MySQL configuration