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Simply run :

$ sudo ./ --install


You will need to install a pidof utility. For example this one

Then :

$ sudo mkdir /etc/init.d
$ sudo ./ --install


These are always optional and can be skipped during the install, but some features may then not work as expected.

  • curl
  • pidof
  • mailx
  • mysql-client


Configuration is located in /etc/xinit/xinit.cfg with sensible defaults.

Change Log

Xinit Version 1.2.6 - 17/06/2015

  • Added a force parameter to the check/test_http to ignore the CHECK_HTTP variable.
  • Added an option to remove the tomcat temp folder contents on start (enabled by default)
  • Add a "check" option to the maintenance switch to return the state of the maintenance mode

Xinit Version 1.2.5 - 04/06/2015

  • Created a new configuration option for XInit's Var folder (/var/run/xinit by default) which gets created automatically if absent
  • Moved maintenance to ${VAR_DIR}

Xinit Version 1.2.4 - 08/07/2014

  • Fixed a bug which prevented automatic restarts when catalina.out was missing
  • Added support for Thread dump analysis via webservices (using as an example)

Xinit Version 1.2.3 - 28/02/2014

  • Maintenance mode is now activated for a certain amount of time when the wiki is restart, manually or not. If the maintenance file already exists, it is not deleted.
  • Maintenance mode now has its own option in's commands. See help for more details.
  • During a crash detected by check_proc or check_http, mail's subject is prefixed by a short status if a Memory Heap/PermGen space issue is found.
  • A list of most common pages called during the crash is gathered at the very end of the mail. It's made on the analysis of Thread Dump.

Xinit Version 1.2.2 - 13/12/2013

  • Maintenance mode has been added. Simply create /etc/xinit/maintenance file, and the wiki won't be restarted by check_xwiki & check_proc commands.
  • Check_proc has been fixed. Every check related to that check_proc were run, now only the first match restarts the wiki.
  • By default, Java will prefer IPv4, to prevent IPv6-related bugs. In case of full IPv6 installation, the java option should be removed from CATALINA_OPTS variable.
  • Another bug about multiple tomcat instances being started has been fixed.

Xinit Version 1.2.1 - 23/04/2013

  • A DNS trace in case domain name resolution fails using the 'dig' command if it exists

Xinit Version 1.2 - 19/02/2013

  • Possibility to match several return codes for check-http function (EXPECT_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE in xinit.cfg).
  • (Bug) Curl couldn't detect xwiki unresponsiveness, if a front-end (Apache,Nginx...) wasn't returning an error code 500. Now, total time of the check operation is taken into account.
  • Apache status has been added to the get-info function.
  • Catalina logfile isn't cleaned anymore after a thread dump performed by get-info function.
  • A new function to run a spam detection upon every mysql database of the running instance.
  • A new function to run a sanity check upon a mysql database.
  • Some other bugfixes and improvements...

Xinit Version 1.1 - 27/07/2012

  • a new functionality has been added to Xinit to migrate the old configuration (Xinit version <= 0.0.17) to the new version (Xinit >= 1.0)
  • a new files has been added var/lib/xinit/migrate
  • a new function to check dependencies has also been added. Dependencies can be checked using --check-dep

Xinit Version 1.0 - 28/05/2012

  • A new major version released
  • Major change to check_http function. Now is using curl instead of wget
  • Changed function check_http to use response http code and removed the local way to check wiki availability.
  • Add the possibility to deactivate mail notifications.
  • Section renamed in mail notifications: from "WGET_OUTPUT" in "HTTP_OUTPUT"
  • Major change to nagios_info function. It now has a new report format and is able to report xinit version, response and expected http code and also the url used to check the wiki
  • Parameters removed:
  • Parameters renamed:
  • New parameters:
  • Unset MAIL parameter.
  • Unset CHECK_HTTP_URL parameter.

Xinit Version 0.0.17 - 02/03/2012

  • nagios_info function has been modified to also report local check.
  • list_parameters function has been fixed.
  • Some parameter description has been updated in xinit.conf
  • Print also XWiki version when is called using 'version' options.

Xinit Version 0.0.16 - 22/04/2011

Functions Bug Fix:

start_tomcat start_openoffice

Xinit Version 0.0.15 - 22/04/2011

  • Add OpenOffice support. Features:
  • local management of OO Daemon(OO_SERVER_TYPE=0)
  • external management of OO Daemon (OO_SERVER_TYPE=1)
  • Added [check|test]-openoffice option to OO Daemon when using OO_SERVER_TYPE=1
  • Automatically stop OO Daemon when tomcat is stopped.(OO_CHECK must be enabled in xinit.cfg. By Default is enabled)
  • Impoved stop_tomcat function.
  • Added Debian LSB information on script

Xinit Version 0.0.14 - 29/11/2010

Fixing a bug in Xinit:

  • when USE_BASIC_AUTH=yes the username and passwor for wget were not set in all cases.

Xinit Version 0.0.13 - 24/11/2010

  • add KILL_QUIT_TIME_WAIT parameter to xinit.cfg
  • add nagios-info options to
  • added nagios_info function
  • include xinit version in notifications