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Opossum release (v2.14.0)



For this release we chose to focus on our in-pad chat functionality and the ability to show your cursor's position to other users in the same pad.

Update notes

  • We've released an updated version of a serverside dependency: chainpad-server
    • this addresses a recently introduced bug which is capable of sending more history than clients require under certain circumstances
    • to use this updated dependency, run npm update and restart your server


  • Our code editor is now capable of displaying other user's cursors within your view of the document.
    • this is enabled by default, but you can choose not to share your own cursor, and to disable the display of other users' cursors in your document
    • your initial color is chosen randomly, but you can choose any color you like within the settings page alongside the other configuration options for cursors
  • After some consideration, we have chosen to change the permissions around the chat functionality embedded within every pad.
    • previously we had allowed viewers to participate in chat, even though they could not change the document.
    • we decided that this was counter-intuitive
    • in the event of an XSS vulnerability it could be used as a vector for privilege escalation
    • as such, we have modified our embedded chat functionality to only allow editors to participate
    • this change is not backwards-compatible, and so the embedded chat boxes will have dropped their older history
      • our assumption is that this will be an improvement for the majority of our users, and that it's fairly safe to drop older history given that chat is a relatively new feature
      • if this has affected you in an adverse way, the information is still accessible, and you can contact us if you need a way to recover that information
  • Finally, it is now possible to print the rendered markdown content in our code editor, thanks to a contribution from @joldie