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@yflory yflory released this Oct 8, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

Dodo release (v3.3.0)



We've continued to prioritize the development of team-centric features in CryptPad. This release was focused on stabilizing the code for Teams and making them available to the users.

Update notes

This is a pretty basic release:

  1. stop your server
  2. pull the latest source code
  3. install the latest serverside dependencies with npm install
  4. install the latest clientside dependencies with bower update
  5. restart your server

Note: we've updated our Nginx configuration to fix any missing trailing slash in the URL for the newest applications: d4e5b98


  • You can now create Teams in CryptPad. They're available from a new Teams application and provide a full CryptDrive that can be shared between multiple users.
    • Each team has a list of members. There are currently 3 different access level for team members:
      • Members: can add, delete and edit pads from the team
      • Admins: can also invite their CryptPad friends to the team, kick members and promote members as "Admin"
      • Owners: can also promote admins as "Owner", change the team name or avatar and delete the team
    • Each team has its own storage limit (50 MB by default, the same as user accounts).
    • A chat is available to all the team members
    • Pads created from the team's drive will be stored in this drive. If they are created as owned pads, they will be owned by the team.
    • You can share pads or folders from your drive with one of your teams and you can store pads or folders from your team to your personal drive.
    • Each user can be a member of up to 3 teams. A user can't create a new Team if they are already Owner of another one.
  • We've done some server improvements to save CPU usage.
  • We've also improved to the messenger module to save CPU and memory in the client.
  • The support panel (administrator side) now provides more debugging information about the users who ask for help
  • A link to the new CryptPad survey has been added to the user menu
    • This link can be changed or removed using the "surveyURL" key in /customize/application_config.js. An empty value will remove the link from the menu.

Bug fixes

  • We've fixed an issue preventing users to remove owned empty channels from the server
  • Adding and editing new items to the kanban boards will now update the correct item from the board
  • We've fixed an issue with shared folders loaded by unregistered users
  • The default title is now always set in newly created polls
  • Desktop notifications will now be displayed only once per connection to the server and not once per CryptPad tab in the browser
  • The button to download a spreadsheet from the drive has been removed. This feature is not available yet and the button was doing nothing.
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