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@ansuz ansuz released this Dec 19, 2019 · 49 commits to master since this release

IsolobodonPortoricensis release (3.8.0)


Image courtesy of Wikimedia commons

We had some trouble finding an extinct animal whose name started with "I", and we had to resort to using a scientific name. Despite this long name, this was a very short release cycle. It's the last release of 2019, so we hope you like it!


During this release cycle we prioritized the mitigation of some social abuse vectors and the ability to invite users to a team via a link. We have more improvements planned for both features, but we wanted to release what we had before the end of the year as our team is taking a little time off to recharge for 2020.

Update notes

This is a small and simple release. We made a very minor improvement to the server which will require a restart, but everything will still work if you choose not to.

Update from 3.7.0 to 3.8.0 with the following procedure:

  1. Take your server down
  2. Get the latest code with git pull origin master
  3. Bring your server back up

Or if you've set up your admin interface:

  1. Pull the latest code
  2. Click the admin panel's "Flush cache" button


  • We updated a bunch of styles to improve the platform's visual consistency:
    • prettier buttons
    • elimination of rounded corners on buttons, text inputs, and password inputs
  • We've fixed the default styles on embedded media while their content is loading
  • The button to add a user as a contact on their profile page now has a more prominent position at the top of the page
  • Users also have the option of muting other people via their profile page.
    • these users will not know that you've muted them.
    • you can review the complete list of all the people you've muted on your contacts page
    • you can mute or unmute from the contacts page as well as their profile
    • changes to a user's mute status propagate across pages in real-time
  • Some of our Finnish-speaking users have become contributors via our weblate instance (
    • we're always looking for more translators to help more people protect their data, so don't hesitate to contact us if you want to help
  • Finally, it's now possible to invite users to a team by creating and sharing a personalized one-time-use link.
    • team owners and admins can try it out via their teams' "Members" tab

Bug fixes

  • We've fixed a few subtle bugs where various contact status and our one-to-one chat functionality could get into a bad state.
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