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xwiki-enterprise-archetype [Misc] Fix Clover artifact names (was using old names). Related to XC… Dec 8, 2016
xwiki-enterprise-distribution [Misc] Continue work started in XCOMMONS-1125 (Upgrade to Clover 4.1.… Dec 8, 2016
xwiki-enterprise-installers XCOMMONS-1134: Upgrade to Maven Resource plugin 3.0.2 Dec 12, 2016
xwiki-enterprise-test [misc] More dependency management Jan 6, 2017
xwiki-enterprise-web-dependencies XWIKI-8910: Cannot delete document with many large attachments Dec 21, 2016
xwiki-enterprise-web-legacydependencies XE-1570: Cannot upgrade the CKEditor extension Dec 2, 2016
xwiki-enterprise-web [Misc] Continue work started in XCOMMONS-1125 (Upgrade to Clover 4.1.… Dec 8, 2016
.gitattributes XE-985: Provide debian distribution package Aug 3, 2011
.gitignore [misc] Simplified .gitignore Dec 7, 2016
LICENSE [misc] Make github display the license Oct 18, 2016 Update Nov 16, 2015
pom.xml XWIKI-13854: Find a way to provide a list of reusable dependencies to… Nov 9, 2016

XWiki Enterprise

XWiki Enterprise is a fully-featured wiki for the Enterprise. It's also a second generation wiki offering the ability to install and develop small applications inside wiki pages.

XWiki Platform, XWiki Enterprise, XWiki Commons and XWiki Rendering are part of the software forge. They are released together and share the same version.



Read our Download and Installation instructions.

Release Notes

Read our Release Notes.



We're always looking for contributors! You should read our Get Involved Guide or get in touch: