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Merge pull request #29 from sorinello/Hackathon

XE-1219: Allow pointing the ui-tests to another machine
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commit decbff800bf0a8d2dd43997b8f5f81b066501893 2 parents e494cf3 + 77d5bf2
Sergiu Dumitriu sdumitriu authored
Showing with 19 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +19 −0 xwiki-enterprise-test/pom.xml
19 xwiki-enterprise-test/pom.xml
@@ -146,6 +146,14 @@
+ <name>xe.url</name>
+ <value>${xe.url}</value>
+ </property>
+ <property>
+ <name>xe.start.skip</name>
+ <value>${xe.start.skip}</value>
+ </property>
+ <property>
@@ -361,6 +369,17 @@
<!-- Allow skipping the unpack -->
+ <!-- Specify the part of the URL before the port number where the XWiki instance is running. This is used when running tests on a remote instance.
+ Do not add a trailing slash. Example:
+ http://localhost
+ See also "port" for defining the port to connect to.
+ -->
+ <xe.url>http://localhost</xe.url>
+ <!-- Skip starting the XE instance. This is used when there is an instance already running on the local machine
+ or when there is a started instance on another machine
+ -->
+ <xe.start.skip>false</xe.start.skip>
<!-- Run tests on Firefox by default. You can use a different browser by activating the corresponding profile,
e.g. -Pchrome -->
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