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The XWiki Rendering Engine
Java AspectJ
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Latest commit 3d58f50 @Enygma2002 Enygma2002 XWIKI-12920: Hiding WebHome in wiki link syntax
- Fixed integration tests after reverting the doc>space previous changes.
- Fixed the 2.0 SpaceReferenceTypeSerializer to have proper 2.1>2.0 syntax conversions

XWiki Rendering

XWiki Rendering is a generic Rendering system that converts textual input in a given syntax (wiki syntax, HTML, etc) into another syntax (XHTML, etc).

XWiki Platform, XWiki Enterprise, XWiki Commons and XWiki Rendering are part of the software forge. They are released together and share the same version.



The XWiki Rendering JARs are available in the Maven Central Repository.

Release Notes

Read our Release Notes.



We're always looking for contributors! You should read our Get Involved Guide or get in touch:

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