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Create various types of diagrams using
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Diagram Application (Pro)

Create various types of diagrams using

This application integrates jgraph/ and supports both editing and viewing diagrams. Each diagram is stored in a wiki page. It doesn't require any external services in order to work properly.

  • Project Lead: Marius Dumitru Florea
  • Documentation
  • Development Practices
  • Minimal XWiki version supported: XWiki 8.4
  • License: LGPL 2.1+ for the application code. But since the application code uses API that is licensed under GPLv3 the combination is also GPLv3. This means that if you want to distribute a package that bundles the Diagram Application and its dependency then that package must be licensed under GPLv3.
  • Translations: N/A
  • Sonar Dashboard: N/A
  • Continuous Integration Status: Build Status
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