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OAuth Identity XWiki App (Pro)

How to create my own provider for Identity OAuth

  • Decide on a short and sweet name

  • Follow the steps on creating an XWiki Extension (you will need both a Xar extension depending on a Jar extension specific to the requiremeents below)

  • this will be stored in an XWiki space where you include in WebHome all necessary resources and should be stored as a maven project of pacakging xar

  • create an API project with a Java class implementing com.xwiki.identityoauth.IdentityOAuthProvider Make it a component and assign it the annotation @Named("name") (with name replaced by your chosen short and seet name)

  • create a provider page in the space and add the XWiki object of XClass IdentityOAuth.OAuthProvider

    • give it the (short and sweet) name
    • give it a loginCode: the property's content will be rendered and embedded in the login page with the following strings replaced:
      • -URL-: The URL of the login page of this wiki (configured later)
      • -PROVIDER-: The short and sweet name
    • indicate the configuration page reference so it can be reloaded
    • indicate the order hint to decide on the order of the login buttons (XWiki's login is always there and order 0).
  • create a configuration page in the space and add the XWiki object of XClass IdentityOAuthConfigClass

  • you should be ready to run already by logging out and trying to go to the identity provider and coming back

  • (optional) create a configuration sheet by creating a wiki page to be rendered (a sheet) and adding an XWiki.ConfigurableClass XWiki object. In the codeToExecute property, include {{include reference="Space.ConfigSheet" /}} replacing appropriately to include the sheet. This will allow administrators to configure the service (e.g. including API client and secrets).

    • Let this sheet start with {{include reference="IdentityOAuth.IdentityOAuthConfigMacros" /}} (outside of a {{velocity}} macro) and invoke the macro initConfigObjects("Space.ConfigDoc", "Space.ExtraConfigClass","translationPrefix_") where ExtraConfig is an XWiki object to store the provider specific information.


Basic ingredients to build identity and service providers based on OAuth authorizations



Security policy





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