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Doctor on Call Backend and Web App
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DOC: Digital On-Call-Healthcare Consultant | Hack the Globe 2019

Global Engineering Week hackathon sponsored by, BCG, and LEAP.

Project received 1st Place Prize.

To run DOC:

  1. Start the flask server from inside model/ for Gaussian model dependency: python
  2. Start the node server: npm start
  3. Run inside virtual environment with python3


Doctors in rural areas are outnumbered by the population in need of medical professionals and correctly and efficiently diagnosing patients is all the harder when there is generally less people and resources to consult with. DOC is a tool for doctors to receive a second opinion on the diagnosis of medical conditions directly through patient interaction in real time through the analysis of the symptoms and conversations they have with their patients. Subsequently, DOC streamlines the recommendation for potential ailments by providing further questions to ask in order to generate an objective and accurate diagnosis that is wholistic in scale. Our prediciton model utilizes a mixed gaussian model and natural language processing to ultimately recommend a diagnosis given an informal medical description.

In addition to DOC being a platform and tool to connect healthcare professionals and patients, we hope to offer the option for followups and prescriptions following the virtual session.

Team Details:

Quinlan Sykora, Winnie Xu, Ziyad Edher, Vida Pourhashem

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