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Wordpress-Theme for Websites of the Pirate Party
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css bugfix #207
events Various translation fixes
fonts aufraeumen
images social media icons, statify et all
inc changed pirate party japan to
js version 3.3
languages Various translation fixes plus small fixes for wphelper functions
plakate Bugfix: Falsche Bildattribute abgerufen, wenn Bühnenbild verwendet wird
templates Various translation fixes
.gitignore upate gitignore
404.php Various translation fixes
CHANGELOG.txt Bugfix Sliderimage
apple-touch-icon.png Größeres Apple-Touch-Icon
archive.php Various translation fixes
author.php Various translation fixes
category.php Various translation fixes
comments.php Various translation fixes
credits.txt added noticed of @JanRei_ to changelog;
favicon.ico first
footer-actionpage.php changing main language to english
footer.php Fix some PHP warnings
functions.php Fix encoding problem while replacing absolute URLs
header-actionpage.php update header css, html and orientation, making theme more flexible
header.php more fixes for relative urls
home.php Various translation fixes
index.php - buehnenbilder für borys
loop.php - buehnenbilder für borys
page.php Various translation fixes
readme.txt 3.3.14
screenshot.png Reset the net,
search.php Merge pull request #196 from JanRei/miscfixes
searchform.php removed visuallyhidden class
sidebar-footer-secondary.php changing main language to english
sidebar-footer.php changing main language to english
sidebar-startpage-contentfooter.php changing main language to english
sidebar-teaser.php Bugfix Sliderimage
sidebar.php bugfixes: html & css validität
single-person.php Various translation fixes
single.php Bugfix: Falsche Bildattribute abgerufen, wenn Bühnenbild verwendet wird
style.css Bugfix Sliderimage
tag.php Various translation fixes


- Wordpress-Theme for websites of the Pirate Party

Version 3.3.14 by Wolfgang Wiese (xwolf), 03.06.2015


    Project-Website (Releases):


   Wolfgang Wiese (xwolf), , E-Mail:


   GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2 

     - Pictures "Wikings" and "Sailing Ship": Wolfgang Wiese publiced unter GPL
     - Social Media Icons: Paul Robert Lloyd,      
     - jQuery FlexSlider 2 (GPL v2)
     - Font Bebas Neue by Dharmatype (SIL Open Font License 1.1)
     - Font Droid Sans by Ascender (, Apache License 2.0
     - Font Awesome by Dave Gandy (SIL Open Font License 1.1)
     - Font Politics Head by SG Gestaltung (WTFPL Lizenz, 
     - Other pictures: Wiki of the german pirate party, published 
         as public domain, GPL or creative commons 


Please use github for submitting new features or bugs:

Alternative, you can also use comments on the project page
or send an email to


This theme bases on Piratenkleider 2 

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