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Wordpress-Theme for Websites of the Pirate Party
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css Merge pull request #218 from J0WI/patch-1
events Various translation fixes
fonts Really using the Aller font now
images Introduced Pirate Party Switzerland Theme/Colors.
inc all sections in alphatical order
js version 3.3
languages Various translation fixes plus small fixes for wphelper functions
plakate Bugfix: Falsche Bildattribute abgerufen, wenn Bühnenbild verwendet wird
templates Various translation fixes
.gitignore upate gitignore
404.php Various translation fixes
CHANGELOG.txt Bugfix Sliderimage
apple-touch-icon.png Größeres Apple-Touch-Icon
archive.php Various translation fixes
author.php Various translation fixes
category.php Various translation fixes
comments.php Various translation fixes
credits.txt added noticed of @JanRei_ to changelog;
favicon.ico first
footer-actionpage.php changing main language to english
footer.php Fix some PHP warnings
functions.php Fix encoding problem while replacing absolute URLs
header-actionpage.php update header css, html and orientation, making theme more flexible
header.php more fixes for relative urls
home.php Various translation fixes
index.php - buehnenbilder für borys
loop.php - buehnenbilder für borys
page.php Various translation fixes
readme.txt 3.3.14
screenshot.png Reset the net,
search.php Merge pull request #196 from JanRei/miscfixes
searchform.php removed visuallyhidden class
sidebar-footer-secondary.php changing main language to english
sidebar-footer.php changing main language to english
sidebar-startpage-contentfooter.php changing main language to english
sidebar-teaser.php Bugfix Sliderimage
sidebar.php bugfixes: html & css validität
single-person.php Various translation fixes
single.php Bugfix: Falsche Bildattribute abgerufen, wenn Bühnenbild verwendet wird
style.css Bugfix Sliderimage
tag.php Various translation fixes


- Wordpress-Theme for websites of the Pirate Party

Version 3.3.14 by Wolfgang Wiese (xwolf), 03.06.2015


    Project-Website (Releases):


   Wolfgang Wiese (xwolf), , E-Mail:


   GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2 

     - Pictures "Wikings" and "Sailing Ship": Wolfgang Wiese publiced unter GPL
     - Social Media Icons: Paul Robert Lloyd,      
     - jQuery FlexSlider 2 (GPL v2)
     - Font Bebas Neue by Dharmatype (SIL Open Font License 1.1)
     - Font Droid Sans by Ascender (, Apache License 2.0
     - Font Awesome by Dave Gandy (SIL Open Font License 1.1)
     - Font Politics Head by SG Gestaltung (WTFPL Lizenz, 
     - Other pictures: Wiki of the german pirate party, published 
         as public domain, GPL or creative commons 


Please use github for submitting new features or bugs:

Alternative, you can also use comments on the project page
or send an email to


This theme bases on Piratenkleider 2 

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