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iotalk is a completely free, distributed private messaging app that uses the IOTA Tangle to exchange messages between users. All communication is automatically encrypted using quantum resistant NTRU-based key pairs and IOTA's MAM encryption.

Why iotalk


There are already many encrypted messaging platforms, but iotalk is unique in that it uses a completely open source, peer-to-peer, community-based technology - the IOTA Tangle - as the storage and delivery infrastructure. This means that there is no commercial entity or centralized service that has control over or access to your communications. In fact there are no central servers at all, and in addition to messages themselves being encrypted, all meta-data - information about who is sending messages to who - is also completely private. All message and contact data that is stored on your computer is also encrypted.

Users can connect to any Tangle node - public or private - to send and receive messages.


iotalk will always be free.

Value transfers

IOTA is of course a crypto-currency that allows users to exchange digital currency. Though iotalk does not yet support transferring IOTAs between users, it is definitely a high priority feature that will be coming soon.

Get started

To start using iotalk all you need is an IOTA seed and an IOTA node to connect to. Note that the seed you use does NOT need to have any IOTAs attached to it. The seed is used only to encrypt data on your computer.

  1. Download the latest release https://github.com/xx10t4/iotalk/releases
  2. Install as appropriate for your operating system
  3. Log in with an IOTA seed
  4. Add node host and port in Settings
  5. Create an Account and share your Account address with other users to begin sending messages.

iotalk is still in early stage development so you will almost certainly run into bugs. Please report issues here. I am also happy to receive Pull Requests.

Donations accepted!


Ethereum: 0x8eB2c7803d032FAc18AE4Ba2009a92125300Ae6E

BTC: 1M8Tvd2tmJeyCsDyScCtRZnjzbW4KoEPUK

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