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(◕‿◕) Text Emoticons Maker

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Discuss it on Product Hunt! 🚀

💾 Installation

npm i -g oji

🐾 Usage

Just type oji to start interactive emoticon creator! Works on every platform 🦄

Make it your own!

You can add custom characters for each part by creating an optional ~/.oji directory in your root path. Add new characters to each section by creating a ~/.oji/{file}.txt with any of the corresponding filenames:

  • 'arms_symmetric'
  • 'arms_left'
  • 'bodies_symmetric'
  • 'bodies_left'
  • 'cheeks'
  • 'eyes'
  • 'mouths_noses'
  • 'bodies_right'
  • 'arms_right'

📋 License


FOSSA Status

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