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A standalone debugger enabling off-chain contract development
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A standalone debugger enabling off-chain contract development


For Rust usage, refer to the included tests, they are quite self-explanatory.

The interesting part here, is that by compiling this project to a WASM target, you can run CKB's script debugger either in node.js or in a modern browser. We have included a short js package showcasing how you can do that.

To make this easier, we have published an npm package which you can use directly. The js folder in the repo contains a minimal example calling the debugger. Follow those steps to set it up:

$ git clone
$ cd ckb-standalone-debugger
$ cd js
$ npm install
$ npx webpack-dev-server

Note that you only need a valid node.js installation to play with this example, you don't need a Rust installation.

Now use your browser to open http://localhost:8080(or whatever address webpack-dev-server prompts in the terminal log), open developer tools, you will be able to find the script debugger's output.

Build notes for wasm32-unknown-unknown target

If you are building for x86_64 target, everything should works ok. However, due to certain bugs, it's now only possible to build for the wasm32-unknown-unknown target under Linux using LLVM 8. So if you do want to build the Rust package on your own, make sure you use Linux with LLVM 8 installation, have latest wasm-pack installed, then you can build via wasm-pack build.

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