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git annex darktable integration

This integrates git annex into darktable, using the following workflow:

  • The photos you wish to use this for must already be in an initialized git annex repository. They don't need to be added, however.

  • Tags are automatically added to files, to reflect the git annex state in darktable. These tags are:

    • git-annex|here
    • git-annex|dropped
    • git-annex|annexed

This plugin creates shortcuts that can be bound to keys. You can find these shortcuts in the settings → shortcuts → lua menu. I recommend the following configuration:

  • git annex: add images <Primary><Shift>plus
  • git annex: drop images <Primary>minus
  • git annex: get images <Primary>equal


To use, place git-annex.lua in your ~/.config/darktable/lua/ directory (creating it if necessary). Then add:

require "git-annex"

to your ~/.config/darktable/luarc file, creating it if necessary.