A simple BungeeCord plugin which aims to reduce log spam caused by InitialHandler.
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💤 QuietCord Build Status

A simple BungeeCord plugin which aims to reduce log spam caused by InitialHandler.

📖 User Story

Don't you know this problem?

You want to find some useful information in your BungeeCord log and are too lazy to set up a custom log for your plugin?

You open an issue with BungeeCord, but nothing happens??

You end up endlessly scrolling through your logs because grep is too difficult for you and your clueless server owner doesn't allow you to Install Gentoo™?

Are you sick of your BungeeCord logs looking like this?

a log with a lot of InitialHandler spam

Well, now there's a solution!

Introducing: QuietCord (todo: inspirational image)


  • Blocks spammy InitialHandler has connected messages
  • configurable
  • Probably doesn't impact performance too much!
  • has unit tests!!
  • Gradle-based!!! (super hipster!!)
  • no nms!!
  • no ProtocolLib!!
  • web-scale!!! (that's a lie)
  • has cakes!!!!!!
  • Chuck Norris would probably approve!!!!

With this, your logs can look like this again:

a clean log!!!!

Isn't that the dream of every single BungeeCord admin out there?



Then this plugin is right for you!

🏗 Installation

Get official releases at SpigotMC.

Download the latest binaries from my Continous Integration server. Note that these are development builds and may not be stable for use in a Production environment.

If you are afraid that the binaries provided are malicious, are passionate about your freedom, or just love compiling things, you can also compile from source. Since Gradle is cross-platform, you can run builds on a lot of platforms. If you happen to use GNU/Linux, try the following: (If not, you should definitely reconsider your OS choice)

git clone git@github.com:xxyy/quietcord.git
cd quietcord

(If you love being controlled by monopolies, you can also compile this on your Microsoft® Windows®-based computer. Further instructions are not detailed here for ethical reasons. (gradlew.bat))

⚙ Configuration

Look at plugins/QuietCord/config.yml. If you don't understand that, open an issue on GitHub.

⚖ License

This project is licensed under the MIT license. Refer to the LICENSE file for details.