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How to get this project compiling with eclipse - MingW:
-you need SDL for MINGW
-you need to add the following Paths:
INCLUDE: D:\Daten\Programmierung\SDL-1.2.14_MINGW\include\SDL
LIB: D:\Daten\Programmierung\SDL-1.2.14_MINGW\lib
-LIDS: (in that order...)
-if the Debugger cancels because it can't do "gdc --version"
go in debugConfigurations and give him the full path to gdc.exe
(like C:\Programme\eclipse\mingw\bin\gdb.exe)
-included SFont to print Text --> just files in source are set to be sourcefiles
(look at projectproperties)
-i'm using SDL_gfx too!
How to get this project compiling with MSVC++:
-!!!!enable CONSOLE-Appilcation in Project-Settings (Linker->System->Subsystem)
-Linker-Eingabe needs to have SDLmain.lib SDL.lib in Zusätzliche Abhängigkeiten
-extras-Options needs to get added path to SDL-Includes and libs
If you use SDL_CreateRGBSurface:
the masks have to be set for 16 bit : to 0xf000 and so on!!!
see documentation!!!
Please set all pictures to 24 Bit!!!!!
Hey that looks great:
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