A debug library for RobotFramework, which can be used as an interactive shell(REPL) also.
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Debug Library for Robot Framework


Robotframework-DebugLibrary is a debug library for RobotFramework, which can be used as an interactive shell(REPL) also.


To install using pip:

pip install robotframework-debuglibrary


You can use this as a library, import DebugLibrary and call Debug keyword in your test files like this:

*** Settings ***
Library         DebugLibrary

** test case **
    # some keywords...

Or you can run it standalone as a RobotFramework shell:

$ rfdebug
>>>>> Enter interactive shell, only accepted plain text format keyword.
> help
Input Robotframework keywords, or commands listed below.
Use "libs" or "l" to see available libraries,
use "keywords" or "k" to see the list of library keywords,
use the TAB keyboard key to autocomplete keywords.

Documented commands (type help <topic>):
EOF  exit  help  k  keywords  l  libs  pdb  s  selenium

> log  hello
> get time
< '2011-10-13 18:50:31'
> # use TAB to auto complete commands
> BuiltIn.Get Time
< '2011-10-13 18:50:39'
> import library  String
> get substring  helloworld  5  8
< 'wor'
> # define variables as you wish
> ${secs} =  Get Time  epoch
# ${secs} = 1474814470
> Log to console  ${secs}
> @{list} =  Create List    hello    world
# @{list} = ['hello', 'world']
> Log to console  ${list}
['hello', 'world']
> &{dict} =  Create Dictionary    name=admin    email=admin@test.local
# &{dict} = {'name': 'admin', 'email': 'admin@test.local'}
> Log  ${dict.name}
> # print value if you input variable name only
> ${list}
[u'hello', u'world']
> ${dict.name}
> # start a selenium server quickly
> help selenium
Start a selenium webdriver and open url in browser you expect.

        s(elenium)  [<url>]  [<browser>]

        default url is google.com, default browser is firefox.
> selenium  google.com  chrome
# import library  SeleniumLibrary
# open browser  http://google.com  chrome
< 1
> close all browsers
> Ctrl-D
>>>>> Exit shell.

The interactive shell support auto-completion for robotframework keywords and commands. Try input BuiltIn. then type <TAB> key to feeling it. The history will save at ~/.rfdebug_history default or any file defined in environment variable RFDEBUG_HISTORY.

In case you don't remember the name of keyword during using rfdebug, there are commands libs or l to list the imported libraries and built-in libraries, and keywords <lib name> or k to list keywords of a library.

rfdebug accept any pybot arguments, but by default, rfdebug disabled all logs with -l None -x None -o None -L None -r None.

Submitting issues

Bugs and enhancements are tracked in the issue tracker.

Before submitting a new issue, it is always a good idea to check is the same bug or enhancement already reported. If it is, please add your comments to the existing issue instead of creating a new one.


This software is licensed under the New BSD License. See the LICENSE file in the top distribution directory for the full license text.