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AggAPI (API Aggregate)

This project allows users to create a customizable API that chains different APIs together and returns the aggregated results in a single package.


AggAPI allows developers to create customizable API macros. Features include:

  • Chain Linking API calls: Automatically call several API's with one HTTP request
  • API Backup system: developers can designate backup apis, which will be called if higher priority API's fail
  • Response Schemas: using the API backup system, response schemas allow developers to map response properties to values from the original response
  • Response Forwarding: responses from API calls can be forwarded to API's called afterward
  • Aggregated response: keep all the response information that you used along the entire process.

Setup your own AggAPI Server

git clone
cd AggAPI/node
npm install bcrypt
node server.js

You now have a server that runs AggAPI! To try out our demo macro (node/macros/wp1.js):



  • Node.js
  • jQuery (if you're using embedded macroing)


ApiSequence(apis, [param-schema]);

  • apis - Array of Api Objects. this denotes how the api calls are formed. $() denotes a variable, which will be filled in based on the parameter schema
  • params-schema - Array of param schemas. This is how params will be passed from api to api. To retrieve parameter from url $get(id), to retrieve parameter from previous api response, $(response["response" + api_id].{paramname})

ApiSequence.execute([params, callback])

  • params - parameters to be passed into the ApiSequence
  • callback - array of callback functions to be executed on completion of corresponding api


  • patterns - array of Objects with 2 fields:
    • url with $() denoting variable content (based on parameters or previous api calls)
    • response schema: map origin api response values into a new data structure that can be used in future calls

Demo Macro Script:

This demo takes an ip address, converts it into lat/lng, reverse geocodes it for the country name, and gets the weather.

var api = require('./../apimodules/api.js');
var apisequence = require('./../apimodules/api-sequence.js');

function wp1(req, res){
    var $params = req.params.vars.split("\/\$");
    var $ip = api([
            url: "$()", 
            res_type: {lat:"latitude", lon:"longitude"}
    var $reverseGeoCode = api([
            url: "$(),$()&key=AIzaSyDmqbOvCO6seEzPfFoQi-xn3phiv8igk5M",
            res_type: {addr: "results[0].formatted_address"}
    var $weather = api([
            res_type: {temp:"", weather:""}
            res_type: {temp:"main.temp", weather:"weather[0].description"}
    var seq = [$ip, $reverseGeoCode, $weather];
    var $as = apisequence(seq, [["$get(0)"],["$(","$(response.response0.lon)"],["$("]]);
    var $res = res;
    $as.execute($params, [
            var temp = data.response1.addr.split(", ");
   = temp[temp.length - 1];
            $res.write(JSON.stringify(data, undefined, 2));

module.exports = wp1;