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简介 Brief Introduction

Taurus是一个完整的开源电子商务系统基于Ruby on Rails实现。

As an open-source Taurus is built with Ruby on Rails as an E-commerece solution. It aligns with the most popular online shopping processes in China.

The latest version released is v1.5.1 with the following main functions:

  • Product management
  • Order management
  • User management
  • CMS with the default website template

Two payment processes are provided in this version:

  • by Alipay
  • cash against delivery
  • The other two shopping processes will be released in the future: bank transfer & monthly statement.

体验站 Demo

The demo site is: website -

admin system -

If you have any questions or advice, please contact:

安装 Installation

  1. 克隆项目 (Clone the project)

     git clone git:// taurus
     cd taurus
  2. 安装所需Gem (Install the Gem)

     bundle install
  3. 创建sandbox (Create the sandbox)

     bundle exec rake sandbox
  4. 启动服务 (Start the service)

     cd sandbox
     rails server