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CMPlayer 0.7.9 released

@xylosper xylosper released this · 1503 commits to master since this release


  • New: 'Deinterlace' submenu in 'Video' menu
  • New: options for hardware accleration, deinterlace
  • New: options for default cache and minimum cache
  • New: options for audio output driver, software volume, clipping method
  • New: more verbose playback info (output format conversion/audio output driver)
  • New: more specific descriptions for H/W Acc. and volumn normalizer in playback info
  • New: supports for non-8-bits planar 4:2:0 formats (9/10/12/14/16-bits)
  • New: supports for 32bit signed integer type audio samples
  • New: trp/tp/ts file extensions are selectable
  • New: (Linux) hardware accelerated deinterlacer
  • New: 'CMPLAYER_MPV_OPTIONS' environment value for support mpv's options
  • Mod: change faster/slower to seek forward/backward in 'modern' skin
  • Mod: disable volume normalizer by default
  • Fix: update audio/video information when skin is reloaded
  • Fix: pass through audio data when modification is not needed
  • Fix: remove executable argument in message from other instance
  • Fix: occasional freezing when tab key is pressed
  • Fix: wrong state of player in skins
  • Fix: cannot open media from file manager
  • Fix: start time was fixed to zero
  • Fix: (OS X) wrong Qt library path
  • Fix: (OS X) preserve stays-on-top state when full screen mode is changed
  • Fix: (OS X) wrong width/height with VDA which causes distorted or painted-out picture
  • Fix: (OS X) VDA cannot handle interlaced formats (workaround: just disable it)
  • Fix: (OS X) drag-and-drop didn't be accepted
  • Fix: (OS X) cannot set a shortcut to an arrow key with modifiers


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