CMPlayer 0.8.0 released

@xylosper xylosper released this Oct 22, 2013 · 1460 commits to master since this release


  • New: 'Invert direction of mouse wheel scroll' in mouse action tab of preferences
  • New: cache information in playback information
  • New: Italian translation (thanks to M0Rf30)
  • New: media name for extended m3u
  • New: m3u8 support
  • New: 'Color Range' submenu in 'Video' menu
  • New: chroma upscaler
  • New: add Spline16/Spline36/Splin36Approx/Lancoz3 interpolators
  • New: 'Dithering' submenu in video menu
  • Mod: remove background of playback info and make it opaque and smaller
  • Fix: change strings 'Inactivated' to 'Deactivated'
  • Fix: display 'Unavailable' when hardware decoding failed
  • Fix: add CP1252 and remove ISO-8859-1 which is a subset of CP1252
  • Fix: cannot disable autodetection for subtitle encoding
  • Fix: wrong range for interpolator LUT textures
  • Fix: use app indicator instead of system tray icon in Unity
  • Fix: wrong video color for non-8bit-encoded sources
  • Fix: wrong chroma location