Manage a capital ship against humans or computers in this space RTS
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How to setup

On Ubuntu/Debian

Install pygame with: apt-get install python-pygame

On Windows

Install Python 2.7 from and the latest stable version of pygame from Note that it may be impossible to launch a server from a Windows machine.

On Mac OSX

Install Python 2.7 from and you may need to compile pygame from source, which can be found at

How to play

Launch a local game

Execute and launch a scenario or use the quick play function.

Join a network game

Execute and connect to a known server.

Launch a server

Execute -a, specifying the address of the interface to use.

In-game shortcuts


  • p take a screenshot
  • esc show in-game menu
  • spacebar switch view mode between main view and full screen radar

Ship control

  • s stop the engines and reset targetting
  • j open or close the FTL jump control
  • r activate or deactivate all turrets using matter
  • e activate or deactivate all turrets using energy

Special missiles control

  • n open or close the nuke launcher control
  • p open or close the pulse launcher control
  • m open or close the mine launcher control
  • c open or close the counter defense launcher control

Small ship controls

  • f launch or recall fighters
  • g launch or recall heavy fighters and bombers
  • h launch or recall harvesters