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Logic: Adds support for building of multiple types.

UI: Adds seperator between builder missiles and combat missiles
UI: Adds display info for small ships and missiles
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xymus committed Mar 25, 2010
1 parent aeecf4e commit 750359f9c7349f2abc3d80fd2d5f99243625c351
@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@
common.ids - automate assignations - not now
client.gui - add aim and attack order
server.stats - balance!
server.stats - complete remaining flagships' turrets
ships.flagship - standardize missile and small ships building behavior
common.comms - reduce bandwidth use - maybe by changing exchange protocols to event driven - make sure that all orders are sent
@@ -14,4 +13,5 @@ inputs management should be taken out of display and set up as an implementable
sound engine should be set up as an implementable engine
# bugs:
- allow cancel building of missiles, small ship, etc when ore is low
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