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- Added basic html manual

- Corrected minor bugs linked with new single player system
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xymus committed Jun 23, 2008
1 parent 6fd3e53 commit a1a1876307270fda8c5d70fe99326573639d3e7c
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# features:
common.ids - automate assignations - not now
client.gui - add aim and ttack order
client.gui - add aim and attack order
client.gui - add self destruct button
server/admin - add admin password to control shutdown
server.stats - balance!
server.stats - complete recent flagships' turrets
server.stats - complete remaining flagships' turrets - correct bad optimization
ai - standardize harvester and fighter behavior
ships.flagship - standardize missile and small ships building behavior
common.comms - reduce bandwidth use - maybe by changing exchange protocols to event driven
client - divides main ships images in layers, allowing lights to cover turrets - make sure that all orders are sent
common.config - move universe width to scenario and in commms
server.stats - use civilian/non-weapon only turrets
... - implement a direct network interface to speed up solo and/or local play
common.comms.playerStats - add infor for radar alerts instead of using objects
server.stats - implemet civilian/non-weapon only turrets
server.directnetwork - speed up its performances
common.comms.playerStats - add info for radar alerts instead of using objects
common.comms - add scenario definition/briefing object containing universe width, fps, pickled stat file
# bugs: - solve aim at closest sun in range, currently seams to alway aim at last sun in list
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