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spread0r is a txt reader, which makes your reading twice as fast as usual


spread0r should run on all platforms supporting perl and gtk2-perl. Just clone into the github repo or download a snapshot of: spread0r github repo

After installing perl and gtk2-perl you can start it by double clicking or running it in terminal like:


Dependencies on ArchLinux

pacman -S gtk2-perl

Dependencies on Fedora

yum install perl-Gtk2

Dependencies on OSX


  • Install and setup X11
  • Install and setup Homebrew


  1. Install glib/Pango/Gtk2 with Homebrew
    • brew install glib pango gtk+
  2. Add X11 Package Config Path to bashrc
    • add: export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/opt/X11/lib/pkgconfig
  3. Local Perl CPAN Setup
    • perl -MCPAN -e shell
    • follow setup
    • $ echo '[ $SHLVL -eq 1 ] && eval "$(perl -I$HOME/foo/lib/perl5 -Mlocal::lib=$HOME/foo)"' >>~/.bashrc
  4. Install Perl modules
    • perl -MCPAN -e shell
    • perl> install Glib
    • perl> install Cairo
    • perl> install Pango
    • perl> install Gtk2
  5. have fun with spread0r

Dependencies on Windows


This section does not come with any warranty, whatsoever. The following steps are copied from this tutorial.



  • Open a Command shell
  • run ppm repo add
  • run ppm install Gtk2 --force

Converting ebooks


Using ebook-tools and html2text you can convert your .epubs (or any other format supported by ebook-tools) into a .txt file using this command: einfo -p input_book.epub | html2text | sed -r "s/<[^>]+>//g" > blackout.txt


Using Calibre you can convert your .epubs (or any other format supported by calibre) into a .txt file, which can be used by spread0r. To do this, you've got two options: 1. use the calibre GUI 2. use the commandline tool "ebook-convert" of calibre installation

  • Open a terminal
  • run ebook-convert input_ebook.epub output_ebook.txt

Converting PDFs


On Linux you can use pdftotext from Poppler:

$ pdftotext file.pdf