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XyDark Theme for Typora

A minimalist theme for documentation, note-taking and code snippets. It contains a light theme, xylight, and a dark theme, xydark.

There is also xydarkfocus, which fades the sidebar away:

Tested on Linux. The dark theme does not currently support Windows "Unibody" style. Not fully tested, but should work on MacOS.

The default non focus version looks something like:

This theme was made to match my setup, the dotfiles of which can be found in this repo.

How to install

  1. Download latest release.
  2. Go to Typora Preferences, select "Open Theme Folder".
  3. Copy or move .css files and the "xydark" folder (with fonts), into the newly opened folder.
  4. Restart Typora, then select it from Themes menu.

Warning The light theme currently looks like crap! I have made it only for the dark theme

Other Screenshots

(Almost) Every UI element visible

every-ui screenshot

Code (python)

Code screenshot


Minimal screenshot


This theme was heavily derived from Quartz