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@xyproto xyproto released this Aug 23, 2021 · 13 commits to main since this release

Changes from last release

  • Fix a typo in the documentation (thanks Felix Yan)
  • Add support for simple MSSQL queries, ref #57
  • Improve MSSQL support (thanks Matt Mc)
  • Improvements to table mappings in Lua, including changes to gluamapper (thanks Matt Mc)
  • Support headers in buffered responses, ref #75 (thanks Matt Mc)
  • Improvements to the file upload functionality (thanks Matt Mc)
  • Various minor fixes and improvements (thanks Matt Mc)
  • Add three new repl commands: pwd, serverdir and serverfile
  • Add nicer help output for built-in commands to the repl
  • Add a ServerDir function for the server configuration Lua script
  • Fix wasm mimetype issue, ref #82
  • Fix the Babl plugin configuration after updating the Babl dependency
  • Various improvements to the samples and to the "Welcome" page
  • Follow the advice of go vet, golint and staticcheck
  • Support Go 1.16 and Go 1.17 only, for now
  • Downgrade fsnotify to v1.4.9 so that building with GOOS=freebsd works again
  • Update CI configuration
  • Update dependencies
  • Update documentation
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