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Algernon 1.16.0

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@xyproto xyproto released this 22 Feb 15:11
· 58 commits to main since this release

New features

  • Add support for using AI/LLMs (Ollama) from Lua.
  • Add support for .prompt files that contains a content-type, a model name, a blank line and a prompt. See for more information.
  • Make it possible to clear the AI cache with ClearCache().

Tutorials and example code

  • Add a simple tutorial (
  • Update the React jsonfile example.
  • Update the TODO list example to the latest version of React.
  • Update the React + JSX + database example.


  • Make small changes to the built-in themes.
  • Minor changes to the alg2docker script.
  • Combine several build and run scripts related to docker.
  • Require Go 1.21 or later, mostly because of the QUIC dependency.
  • Update CI configuration.
  • Update the year in the license file.
  • Add the loopvar feature to the dockerfiles.
  • Use LABEL maintainer in the Dockerfiles.
  • Remove some unused code.
  • Update dependencies.