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Tiny program for emitting the most basic information about an ELF file.

Can detect the compiler used for compiling a given binary, even if it is stripped. The following languages/compilers are supported:

  • GCC
  • Clang
  • FPC
  • OCaml
  • Go
  • TCC (compiler name only, TCC does not store the version number in the executables)
  • Rust (for stripped executables, only the compiler name and GCC version used for linking are available)
  • GHC

Installation (development version)

go get -u

Example usage

$ elfinfo -c sh
GCC 8.1.1

$ elfinfo /usr/bin/ls
/usr/bin/ls: stripped=true, compiler=GCC 8.2.0, byteorder=LittleEndian, machine=Advanced Micro Devices x86-64

General info

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