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Monkeyjump is a program for messing around with GNU Go and SGF-files.

I wrote it back in 2005 but decided to release it in 2013, since it was somewhat fun.

Note that it requires Python 2. I might port it to Python 3 some day.

Works with pypy!



Checkout the project and run:


Default keybindings:

click to place a stone
g to view the last placed stone
z to pass (for white)
f to view the final score
backspace to clear the board and start a new game

q to quit
u to undo
e estimates the score

General information

  • GNU Go is a program that can play Go
  • The term "monkeyjump" is used in Go
  • Go is an approximately 4000 year old game
  • Search the web for "igo", "baduk", "weichi" or "go" for more info about Go Here's the Wikipedia entry:

What can I use it for?

  • Interfacing GNU Go via GTP (the program speaks GTP for you)
  • Guessing your way through professional games you might have stored as SGF
  • Playing Go against GNU Go, while beeing able to edit the board at any time (this means you have to check for yourself if your move is valid)
  • Avoiding Cgoban1 and/or the ascii-interface of GNU Go (Cgoban2 doesn't seem to support GNU Go directly)
  • Stepping through an SGF-file
  • Saving the pattern of the white stones as an image
  • Saving basic SGF-files
  • Playing with patterns of stones
  • Checking what GNU Go would have played


  • Python2 and Pygame (Psyco is optional)
  • GnuGo or another GTP-speaking go-playing computer program (that speaks the same GTP dialect as gnugo, few do).


  • Edit the file "gnugocmd.conf" in order to enable your favorite gtp-compatible program ("gnugo --mode gtp" should work).
  • Edit the file "keybindings.conf", so that you know what all the keys does.
  • Start the program. You can give a board size as the first argument (9, 13 and 19 are common)

Known bugs

  • Loading SGF-files doesn't always give the correct positions. Patches and pull requests are welcome.
  • Does not work with Leela Zera or Katago yet.


Thanks to Ulrich Goertz ( for the images of the board and the black and white stones, which are included in his GPL-ed program uliGo.

General info

  • Author: Alexander F. Rødseth
  • License: GPL2
  • Version: 0.5