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Version 2.0.0a3
- Add pagination to album view page to deal with huge directories of
- Modify date handling to support year/month directories before
epoch (Jan 1 1970)
- Fix // issue with Apache 2
- Change macros template to 'macros.html' from 'page.html'
- Fix view caching so it detects changes to underlying items
Version 2.0.0a1, ...
- Substantially rearranged dispatch. All CGI entry now goes
through which centralizes some error reporting and
dispatches to action_* handlers.
- Defined a 'virtual' handler for files and directories that do not
exist, permitting the action_tag handler to be invoked for /tag/blah
- Replaced Cheetah with SimpleTAL for templates
- Added support to JpegHeader for reading XMP data from JPEGs
- Started to remove support for using raw JPEG comments as captions
- Defined mechanism for filtered images and added filters/ directory
to contain those filters.
- Added PIL-based resizer
- Moved image processing from to
- Moved tag-related code from to
- Added test script for running experiments locally
- Removed traceback eating behavior of virtual_demand_property
- Started to define prettier template for default singleshot templates.K
- Completely rewrote EXIF and IPTC reading.
- Virtualized access to the CGI data to enable more deployment
- Added experimental mod_python and FastCGI interfaces to allow
Singleshot to be run as a persistent process (== fast).
Version 1.0.1, 29 March 2004
- Bug fix #905628: Setting highlight image in _album.cfg doesn't work
- Moved classes around to remove cyclic dependency between some
- Remove use of system() for resizing images; now uses which in
turn uses fork/exec
- Improved diagnostic output of resize for error conditions
- Made more forgiving of spurious /s in input path
Version 1.0.0, 18 January 2004
-- First public release.