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A PHP library for rendering jQuery templates server-side. Inspired by jQuery-tmpl.Net and of course jQuery Templates.


jQuery-tmpl-PHP was written to mimic to a certain extent the jQuery Templates method calls. An example file has been included showing various usage cases.

The jQueryTmpl() object supports the following method calls:

  • getHtml()
    • Parameters: None
    • Purpose: Returns the generated HTML in the buffer and clears it.
  • renderHtml()
    • Parameters: None
    • Purpose: Prints the generated HTML in the buffer and clears it.
  • template(name, jQueryTmpl_Markup)
    • Parameters:
      • String name for the template.
      • The markup to be compiled.
    • Purpose: Compiles the given template markup.
  • tmpl(name/jQueryTmpl_Markup, jQueryTmpl_Data)
    • Parameters:
      • String name of a precompiled template or the markup to be compiled.
      • The data to be applied to the template.
    • Purpose: Renders the template with the given data and stores it in the output buffer.

Supported Tags

  • ${property} and {{= property}}

    Both the shorthand ${} and {{= }} are supported. Will print out the value of the indicated property on the provided data object. Nested property resolution is supported. However expression/function evaluation is not currently supported. (See roadmap.)

  • {{html property}}

    Renders the value of the property without HTML encoding. Otherwise identical to ${}.

  • {{each(index, value) property}}...{{/each}}

    Renders an instance of the tag contents for each item in the property value on the provided data object. Custom index and value variables can be optionally passed in.

  • {{if property}}...{{/if}

    Renders the content of the tag if the property value on the provided data object evaluates to true. This is javascript-style evaluation so 0, null, empty string are all false.

  • {{else property}}

    Used within the {{if}} tag to evaluate else conditions. The property value is optional.

  • {{tmpl(data, options) template}}

    This tag takes data and options as optional parameters. The tag will render a existing rendered template (using the template() method) in place. When a data property is passed in only the portion of data referenced by that property is passed to the template specified. Options is currently not supported.

  • {{! comments}}

    This tag does not appear to be documented on the official jQuery site however it does exist in code. The same functionality is preserved here, comments are simply discarded in rendered output.


The following is on my todo list.

  • Support for JavaScript expresion evaluation.
  • Support for {{wrap}}