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A minimalist markdown text editor.

Rite showing this readme in both normal and focus mode


rite is an open-source, minimalist text editor designed for use with Markdown.

rite also has a cloud backup solution called Rite Cloud.


  • Flexible: rite can be used completely offline, or as a client for Rite Cloud.
  • Fast: rite is built on a lightweight Rust core and starts up instantly.
  • Small footprint: rite ships as a tiny binary and has RAM usage in the tens of megabytes.
  • Cloud storage with instant sharing and optional encryption
  • Blog system: Rite Cloud allows you to publish your documents as blogs at the press of a button. See blogs for details.



Windows users will need to have WebView2 installed.

  • Download the latest release from the Releases page.
  • Install it the way you usually would for your operating system:
    • msi for Windows users
    • dmg for macOS users
    • AppImage or deb file for users of Debian-based distros
  • Run it from your application launcher / start menu / terminal.

Using rite

To learn about using rite, check out the guide.

Building from source

  • Make sure you've carried out the initial setup for your operating system of choice. Also install the tauri cli with cargo install tauri-cli.
  • Clone the repo.
  • cd rite
  • Install dependencies by running yarn.
  • Build the release target with cargo tauri build.
  • Run it by typing src-tauri/target/release/rite.
  • For convenience, you can symlink rite into a directory that's on your path, or create an alias in your shell.

Development setup

  • Install the dependencies and carry out the initial Tauri setup (see above).

  • You'll need to set up a web server (preferably one that can watch for changes and reload files) as the 'dev' command loads the page from for development convenience.

    An example: Live Server for VSCode

  • Once you've got one set up, you can simply run tauri run dev to get a debug build of the app running.


  • Marked used under the terms of the MIT License, Copyright © 2018+, MarkedJS Copyright © 2011-2018, Christopher Jeffrey.
  • CodeMirror used under the terms of the MIT License, Copyright © 2017 by Marijn Haverbeke and others
  • rite is built with tauri. Tauri code is used under the terms of the MIT license.
  • fuzzySearch in prompt.ts is based on


If you would like to contribute code, fork this repo and make a pull request.

However, you can also contribute by testing rite and giving your feedback! Feel free to open an issue on the issues page.

If you would like to contribute financially, you can donate using one of the means listed here.

Thank you for using Rite!