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Here is the guide for the impatient:

from reparted import *

# Initialize a device instance, you can provide the path
myDevice = Device("/dev/sda")

# Or you can let it probe standard devices, it will default to the first
# one it finds.
myDevice = Device()

# Initialize our disk.
myDisk = Disk(myDevice)

# If this is a fresh disk (no partition table set) you can go ahead
# and set the partition table.

You can test if your disk is set with a partition table like this:

if myDisk.type_name is None:
    # No partition table, set one

# You can see if your disk has any partitions
partitions = myDisk.partitions()

You can add partitions, but first you need to set the size:

# sector size defaults to 512
mySize1 = Size(4, "GB")

# manually set the sector size to 1024
mySize2 = Size(4, "GB", sector_size=1024)

# get the sector size from the device
myDevice = Device('/dev/sda')
mySize = Size(4, "GB", myDevice)

# You can even set a percentage!
myDevice = Device('/dev/sda')
mySize = Size(25, "%", myDevice)

Now that you have your size, you can initialize a new partition and add it to disk:

myPartition = Partition(myDisk, mySize)

You can also delete partitions:

partition = myDisk.partitions()[0]

Or just delete them all:


Checkout the module reference for more available options.


You must have libparted installed and available from your LD_LIBRARY_PATH

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