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RageMP Server on NodeJS/MongoDB/React+SemanticUI
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Echtwelt Reborn Rage MP on base of NodeJS+MongoDB+React/SemanticUI


Unfinished Server but a good starter platform and development setup.

To discuss and get help please join this Discord (Please don't use issue tracker for discussion)

Looking forward to your contributions to make this repository successful and alive :)


For Deployment:


  • Linux only: Just execute '' and skip the next steps

  • Install gulp 'npm install -g gulp'

  • For Development: Copy a fresh RageMP Server into the GameServer Directory so the executable server is under GameServer/server.exe

  • Make sure you have npm installed and MongoDB

  • Enter cmd and type "npm install" in each of these Directories: ClientSource, ClientSource/CEF and ServerSource

  • Finally edit /ServerSource/src/config/modsettings.json and add your database credentials. If you are using docker-compose, you can leave it


On Linux you can just call ''

On Windows you can simply use the batches in the root of this repository

  1. Build CEF: enter ClientSource/CEF and run "npm run-script build"
  2. Build Client: Enter ClientSource and run "npm run-script build"
  3. Build Server: Enter ServerSource and run "npm run-script build"

All files will be copied to the GameServer Directory so you are ready to go Database will install itself

Deployment on Live Server

** Dont't run a unsecured mongodb server on a public machine! **

The following should give you a start and should be secured by yourself before uploading on a remote server!

Master your tools

Manual Deployment

If you want to deploy manually instead of using docker, you have to copy the node_modules directory into your server root! If you want to use docker, just follow way 1 or way 2

Way 1

  • On the target machine install docker
  • git clone the repository to the machine
  • Run 'sudo sh && sudo sh && sudo sh'

Way 2 (Recommnended)

  • Install docker on your development machine
  • Self-Host a private docker registry
  • Build the container 'docker run --tag "ewreborn" .'
  • Push ewreborn into your private registry
  • Change docker-compose.yml so it uses the image of the docker registry

Optional: Edit the docker-compose.yml to open other ports i.e

Make sure you have docker-compose installed!

cd into the root directory of this repository and enter "docker-compose build" and then "docker-compose up -d"

** Dont't run a unsecured mongodb server on a public machine! **


As Frontend I used React together with SemanticUI. To start a development server you can run "npm start" inside ClientSource/CEF.

You can checkout the routes inside the ClientSource/CEF/src/index.js to see what we have yet


Custom Vehicles

Optional: You can download the last EchtweltRageMP Modpack here Password to access: OpenSource

To install, just copy the "dlcpacks" directory into your gameservers "client_packages" directory

Whitelisting and Woltlab

Optional: To use our whitelisting, you can use this plugin on your woltlab server

But be careful what you are doing or you are backdooring your woltlab site very easy. This can be huge security leak!

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