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phpPgAdmin is Open Source, so you're invited to contribute to it.
Many great features have been written by other people and you too
can help to make phpPgAdmin a useful tool.
phpPgAdmin 3 has its roots in the phpPgAdmin 2.4 software. A complete
rewrite was necessary to support PostgreSQL 7.3 and to address problems
in the phpPgAdmin 2.4 codebase.
If you're planning to contribute source code, please read the following
The following method is preferred for new developers:
- fetch the current CVS tree over anonymous CVS:
cvs -d login
[Password: ] simply press the Enter key!
cvs -z3 -d co -d phpPgAdmin webdb
[This will create a new sub-directory named phpPgAdmin]
- Add your stuff
- Send us the file(s) you've modified or send us a patch (preferred). To generate a patch, do this
in your 'phpPgAdmin' directory:
cvs diff -c > file.txt
Then, just send us the file.txt
Please note submitting code is considered a transfer of copyright to the phpPgAdmin project.
Only project developers can access the CVS tree via ssh and SSH1 must
be installed on your client machine.
export CVS_RSH=ssh
login once with ssh to to create required
user directories on the server.
cvs -z3 -d co -d phpPgAdmin webdb
Write access to the CVS tree is granted only to developers who have already
contributed something useful to phpPgAdmin. If you're interested in that,
please contact us.
When you submit code to phpPgAdmin, we do expect it to adhere to the existing
coding standards in the source. So, instead of using your personal favourite
code layout style, please format it to look like surrounding code.
Test your code properly! Say you are developing a feature to create domains.
Try naming your domain all of the following:
* "
* '
* \
* words with spaces
* <br><br><br>
If you are adding a new class function, be sure to use the "clean",
"fieldClean", "arrayClean" and "fieldArrayClean" functions to properly escape
odd characters in user input. Examine existing functions that do similar
things to yours to get yours right.
When writing data to the display, you should always urlencode() variables in
HREFs and htmlspecialchars() variables in forms.
$data - A data connection to the current or default database.
$misc - Contains miscellaneous functions. eg. printing headers and footers, etc.
$lang - Global array containing translated strings. The strings in this array have already
been converted to HTML, so you should not htmlspecialchars() them.
$conf - Global array of configuration options.
phpPgAdmin uses the ADODB database library for all its database access. We have
also written our own wrapper around the ADODB library to make it more object
oriented (ADODB_base.pclass).
This is the general form for looping over a recordset:
$rs = &$class->getResults();
if (is_object($rs) && $rs->recordCount() > 0) {
while (!$rs->EOF) {
echo $rs->f['field'];
else echo "No results.";
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