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Fix createFunction method for pg < 73

(cherry picked from commit 08539f6)
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1 parent 81766c7 commit 7264f965d152b4b17290bfbd798135e5807a7a35 @ioguix ioguix committed
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  1. +3 −1 classes/database/Postgres.php
4 classes/database/Postgres.php
@@ -3816,10 +3816,12 @@ function setFunction($function_oid, $funcname, $newname, $args, $returns, $defin
* @param $language The language the function is written for
* @param $flags An array of optional flags
* @param $setof True if it returns a set, false otherwise
+ * @param $rows number of rows planner should estimate will be returned
+ * @param $cost cost the planner should use in the function execution step
* @param $replace (optional) True if OR REPLACE, false for normal
* @return 0 success
- function createFunction($funcname, $args, $returns, $definition, $language, $flags, $setof, $replace = false) {
+ function createFunction($funcname, $args, $returns, $definition, $language, $flags, $setof, $cost, $rows, $replace = false) {

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