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Analyzing Robust Features From MNIST



  • Implement robust training

  • Implement a sufficient amount of perturbation

  • Compare performance of std model and robust model

  • Implement gradient descent for reconstructing features

Current Problems

  • Convergence: the robust model does not seem to converge well (may need to pretrain the model first)

  • Why does horizontal lines hurt accuracy more significantly than vertical lines?


  • Is it possible to synthesize "robust" features directly?
  • Is it possible to differentiate nonrobust and robust features blindly?
  • Is is possible to create perturbation that leads to human-readable robust features?

The dataset

The MNIST datset is available at

If you would like to run this script on your computer, go to /dataset folder and uncompress all the dataset files to that folder.

Test results

The perturbated image samples can be seen in figure below. The last column is ground truth. The group IDs correspond to the order of images in the figure.

perturbated image samples

Group Id Std Accuracy Robust Accuracy
1 0.829 0.968
2 0.549 0.967
3 0.808 0.969
4 0.727 0.950
5 0.977 0.972

Running standard training over reconstructed datasets:

Group Id Robust Accuracy Nonrobust Accuracy
1 0.792 0.856
2 0.822 0.434
3 0.908 0.865
4 0.876 0.657
5 0.960 0.954


The reconstructed features can be downloaded from this repo.

Original Reconstruction (Robust) Reconstruction (Nonrobust)

Noise Cancellation on Features

Denoised Robust Features Denoised Nonrobust Features

File description:

Remember to add the root dir to PYTHONPATH.

I am doing a bunch of crazy experiments right now, there are many undocumented files in the repo.

  • util folder:
    • creates and manages perturbations
    • loading data from MNIST idx format (need to correct endianess if the data format has sizes greater than 1 byte)
  • train folder: neural network training scripts
    • trains standard model
    • train_pretrained_model: trains a pretrain model as initial weights for robust model
    • trains the robust model
  • test folder: test the performance of models
    • test_std_model: tests the performance of std model on adversarial dataset
    • test_robust_model: tests the performance of robust model on adversarial dataset
  • reconstruct folder: reconstructing the features from models
  • misc folder: some ongoing experiments


  • Ilyas, Andrew, et al. "Adversarial examples are not bugs, they are features." arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.02175 (2019).


Properties of robust and non-robust features






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