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WPANTAP - A TAP Interface for WPAN

Our goal: to bridge simulated WPAN devices together.



  • Implement file system read
  • Implement file system write
  • Implement file system polling
  • Replace device lookup loop with a specific device pointer
  • Optimize FCS


  • Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 (Kernel: Linux 4.15.0-99-generic)
  • Need to install wpan-tools for tests to work.

The kernel module source is under ./kmodule.

cd kmodule
# cleans the build files
sudo make clean
# uninstall the symlink in kernel module folder
sudo make uninstall
# build the module
sudo make build
# install the module (create symlink)
sudo make install

After calling sudo make install, to update the kernel module, we only need to call sudo make build.


  • To show more debug message, set the kernel log level with dmesg -n 8
  • Use dmesg -w to monitor logs at real time.
  • Build test programs in ./test
  • The kernel module creates one WPAN interface called wpan0. To set up the interface, call sudo ip link set wpan0 up.
  • In the testing folder, run af_packet_tx to send some packets to WPAN interface
  • Use test_read to read packets from file system node. You can use sudo ./test_read | xxd to see the hex output.
  • Use test_write to write packets to the file system node. Use wireshark to monitor if the packet can be captured.
  • Use test_select to test the select system call. One can run af_packet_tx to send some message via the WPAN interface.

ping Test between two VMs

Now we are able to run ping test between two VMs.

  • On both VMs, compile, install and run wpantap
  • On both VMs, run ./test/ to configure lowpan network. (If you encounter an error, run this script multiple times.)
  • Configure the IP address for VPN programs using JSON file (according to README in VPN folder).
  • Run wireshark with ip netns exec wpan0 wireshark -kSl -i lowpan0 &
  • On both VMs, run VPN program with python3
  • Run ping utility with ip netns exec wpan0 ping6 ff02::1%lowpan0


A TAP interface for Linux-wpan to ship packets out from kernel space for network bridging.






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