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Setting up contributing from a terminal

Install git. Find another guide if you’re not sure how to do this.

(Hint: it’s probably just apt-get install git)

Fork the repository on github (the button in the top right)

Outside contributor group:

Clone the forked repository:

git clone
cd puchikon-no-hata
git remote add upstream
git checkout -b yournamedocs

This will create a local git directory called puchikon-no-hata/ in the current directory we also need to make sure changes from the ‘upstream’ repository are considered when pulling, thus the remote add. and also umm making the actual branch ‘yournamedocs’ lol

Set your name if you haven’t.

git config --global "cool guy"

usual commit process:

git pull
# do your edits
git add . # from base directory if necessary
git status # if you want to see the staged changes
git commit -m "a helpful commit message"

git push origin yournamedocs

and finally open a pull request on github

If you are an approved contributor

I think it’s a little easier?

git clone
cd puchikon-no-hata
git config --global "cool guy"
git pull
# edits
git add
git commit -m "commit message"

git push
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