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Venus' Circumsolar Ring The code presented here was created and used by me during a summer project at the institute of astronomy, cambridge. Data obtained from STEREO satelliites was reduced to detect the ring, following a recipe given by Jones et al (2013). The following gives a brief description of what each code file does:

  1. Jones Recipe: The code that reduces the input data from STEREO images and yields the circumsolar ring.

  2. functions : A collection of functions and utilities developed for the project that can be imported into a given mpiece of code and used

  3. positions : Useful code that indicates whether Venus, Earth, or the Milky Way might be in the field of view of either satellite. It helps in deciding which time period to download the STEREO data from.

  4. orb-elements : a plot of the fractional variation in the orbital elements of the two STEREO satellites.

  5. ring-image : a piece of IDL code that yields line-of-sight integrated images of Andrew's models of circumsolar disks from the perspective of the two STEREO satellites

  6. idl_image : converts the output of the idl ring-image code to graphs and useful images that can be used to compare the images obtained from the model with the data

  7. Disk_model_view : An initial naive approach to viewing Andrew's code's output from an edge-on perspective. Does not integrate along the line of sight.


Venus' Circumsolar Ring



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