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corrected some errors in the reader-failcount meta

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1 parent a361695 commit 86d6c74f32468314be825f376da2f151428ae9ff @y-trudeau committed Nov 1, 2012
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@@ -357,8 +357,8 @@ whether a node is usable for clients to read from.</shortdesc>
<parameter name="reader_failcount" unique="1" required="0">
<longdesc lang="en">
The number of times a monitor operation can find the slave
-to be unsuitable for replication before failing. Useful if
-there are short intermittent issue like clock adjustments in VM.
+to be unsuitable for reader VIP before failing. Useful if
+there are short intermittent issues like clock adjustments in VMs.
<shortdesc lang="en">Allowed failcount for reader</shortdesc>
<content type="integer" default="${OCF_RESKEY_reader_failcount_default}" />

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