Test application for iPhone with OpenCV library
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Using OpenCV on iPhone

This source repository includes pre-compiled OpenCV library and headeres so that you can get started easily! More documents you can see on this article.

Building Static Link Version of OpenCV

If you want to build it from source code, you can do by next steps.

  1. Clone this project from github.com, then move into the project directory

    % git clone git://github.com/niw/iphone_opencv_test.git
  2. Getting source code from sourceforge. I tested with OpenCV-2.0.0.tar.bz2.

  3. Extract downloaded archive on the top of project project directory

    % tar xjvf opencv-2.0.0.tar.bz2
  4. Apply patch for iPhone SDK

    % cd OpenCV-2.0.0
    % patch -p0 < ../cvcalibration.cpp.patch_opencv-2.0.0
  5. Following next steps to build OpenCV static library for simulator

    % cd OpenCV-2.0.0
    % mkdir build_simulator
    % ../../configure_opencv
    % make
    % make install # Install all files into ../../opencv_simulator
  6. Following next steps to build OpenCV static library for device

    % cd OpenCV-2.0.0
    % mkdir build_device
    % ARCH=device ../../configure_opencv
    % make
    % make install # Install all files into ../../opencv_device

Patch and Configure support script

OpenCV 2.0.0 (and also 1.1.0) has a glitch which refuse builing the library with iPhone SDK. You need to apply the patch cvcalibration.cpp.patch so that you can build it.

Congiure support script configure_opencv has some options to build OpenCV with iPhone SDK. Try to --help option to get the all options of it.

Change Log

  • 11/15/2009 - Support OpenCV to 2.0.0 + iPhone SDK 3.x
  • 03/14/2009 - Release this project with OpenCV 1.0.0 + iPhone SDK 2.x