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A small docker image to embed python3 pentest tools used to Active Directory enumeration or exploitation.

Installed Tools

Build Image

cd to this directory and launch docker build:

docker build -t alpyntest --build-arg USER_ID=$(id -u) --build-arg GROUP_ID=$(id -g) .

Create Container from Image

Use the bash alias from bash_alias or customize this base command:

docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/data alpyntest /bin/sh -l


  • integrate CrackMapExec once a valid python3 version is available (see byt3bl33d3r/CrackMapExec#323)
  • integrate lsassy module to CrackMapExec
  • debug lsassy (SMB error?)
  • debug CME - lsassy module
  • debug CME - mimikatz module
  • try all options of CrackMapExec to debug all the failing options
  • add a Python-based BloodHound Ingestor
  • debug bloodhound-python. it requires a real situation with a working DNS environment
  • debug Enum4LinuxPy (ERROR: net is not in your path.) I installed samba-client since it requires nmblookup but it is not enough…
  • a first script to use all tools before having a first valid account (so mostly systems enumeration)
  • a second script to use all tools once we get a valid user account (Active Directory enumeration)
  • a third script to dump the domain and parse the results once we get a valid admin account
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